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What to watch: 7 movies & shows to stream this week - May 13

From HBO Max’s “Hacks” to Hulu’s “Conversations with Friends.”

There’s a lot of stuff to stream nowadays. In hopes of helping you watch more good movies and TV, every week we sum up some of the most exciting titles streaming across all platforms. Today we recommend a mix of new releases and newly available titles, from movies and shows, all available to stream on the most popular platforms.

Hacks (HBO Max)

“Hacks” is back for its awaited second season. The show, starring Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, was a success in its first season, earning Emmys and Golden Globes for its performances and writing. Season 2 has big shoes to fill, picking up where Deborah (Smart) and Ava (Einbender) left off, as the two go on the road to revive Deborah’s stand up career.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO Max)

Based on Audrey Niffenegger’s best selling novel, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is HBO’s new series, following the love story of Clare (Rose Leslie) and Henry (Theo James), with a twist. He’s a time traveler and can’t control when and where he travels.

Senior Year (Netflix)

Rebel Wilson’s new movie is available on Netflix. “Senior Year” follows Stephanie (Wilson) a cheerleader who falls into a coma. She wakes up 20 years later and decides she wants to go back to high school and recuperate all of the experiences she missed out on. Logically.

The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)

Developed by David E. Kelley, the guy behind shows like “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing,” “The Lincoln Lawyer” is a procedural drama, a genre of TV that’s died out thanks to prestige TV. The series follows a quirky lawyer who conducts his business in the back of his Lincoln Town Car. It stars Neve Campbell and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

Conversations with Friends (Hulu)

Made by the same team who made “Normal People,” “Conversations with Friends” is a very similar story, trailing lost young people as they try to make sense of their relationships. It follows a recent college graduate (Alison Oliver) and her best friend and ex (Sasha Lane), as the two get entangled in a complicated marriage.

Candy (Hulu)

The new Hulu series is based on the real life story of Candy Montgomery, who was accused of murdering her best friend in Texas in the ‘80s. “Candy” stars Jessica Biel in the titular role.

Outlander (Netflix)

Lastly, if you’re in the mood to binge something engrossing and swooping, season 5 of “Outlander” is streaming in Netflix. The series is a romance, following Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jaime (Sam Heughan) two people who fall in love yet belong to different time periods.