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Here’s what the Derbez Family learned about each other shooting ‘De Viaje Con Los Derbez’

Watch the Derbez Family Vacation May 20th on Pantaya.

The Derbez family is back for season 2 of De Viaje Con Los Derbez, which premieres May 20th on the streaming service, Pantaya. The six-episode (+1 additional) half-hour documentary comedy series follows one of the most beloved and funniest families in Spanish-speaking television entertainment as they travel together. In the upcoming season, fans can watch Eugenio Derbez, his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, their young daughter Aitana, as well as Eugenio’s older children Vadhir, José Eduardo, and Aislinn Derbez, travel in an RV around the beautiful landscapes of the northwestern United States. Together, they will learn to survive in the wild and they will also have to learn to survive each other after being together 24/7. HOLA USA! Had the opportunity to talk to the family about the upcoming season, read our exclusive interview below.

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What part of your trip was your favorite? What are you most excited for viewers to see?

Eugenio: There are many but probably my favorite part was Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. Those are probably 2 of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life, astonishing, and beautiful. Nature there you can see that everything is virgin, no one has touched anything there. So I loved Yellowstone and Glacier National Park

Alessandra: I totally agree. We had the chance to go see amazing places and it was wonderful to see them all for the first time because none of us knew any of the places that we went to in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. So I‘m excited for the viewers to see us in a more intimate way, a more natural and organic way. Morocco was chaotic, this one is a lot more intimate. The original plan was to go to Thailand and Japan and I don’t know where else but when Covid hit we changed plans and it ended up being wonderful all of us traveling together in an RV.

That is a lot of time together. So what did you learn about your children this time around?

Eugenio: That I should have been more strict (laughs). No, it was wonderful but… I learned that even though we are so different and we come from different places because my kids were raised apart so they didn‘t grow up together, they get along so well, and it’s because I think I taught them not to take anything personally and to always see life with comedy. And that helps a lot so they don’t care. We are always like bullying each other, in a nice way, and it’s fun. We don’t take anything personally, we let go of anything, and that helps us to get along very well.

I think I taught them not to take anything personally and to always see life with comedy. [Eugenio]

You really are leaving a legacy too with all this footage. So what do you hope the legacy of the Derbez family is?

Alessandra: I think it’s about being ourselves and being absolutely normal. You know people have this idea of us or of any famous family out there this idea of perfect families and everything being wonderful and of “success and fame.” And I think we are not about that at all, we are completely opposite. We are extremely normal. So I think we are relatable and people can relate to us being perfectly imperfect and I think that’s how we are.

What can we look forward to this season?

Aislinn: We’re going to be in very different scenarios where we are fish out of water, so that‘s going to be fun. Especially because some of us love nature and some of us hate it. Like José Eduardo hates it, so for me, it was a way more interesting and fun season than last season because I’m in my element. And I also think we got a deeper connection, everybody.

José Eduardo, I saw a sneak peak of you cutting wood. Are we going to get to see other survival skills? Like are we going to get to see you punch a bear next?

José Eduardo: No, I don’t like nature (laughs). I’m the best wood chopper, I believe you guys will be able to see that. But no I would not survive one hour in the wilderness. Vadhir, he’s the expert nature survivor. He could fish and he could kill a bear and stuff.

What‘s something you learned about your dad and Alessandra this season?

Vadhir: That it’s very nice to see them once every three months (laughs) I’m just kidding. They keep their dynamic.

José Eduardo: They give it their all.

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