On the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Harrison Ford reminisces on his friendship with Sean Connery in ‘Indiana Jones’

Harrison went on to describe one of the most special anecdotes on set, as the duo went on multiple adventures during the filming of the popular movie.

Harrison Ford is reminiscing on the filming of Indiana Jones as he honors the late actor and co-star Sean Connery.

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The 90-year-old star portrayed Ford’s father in the third installment of the popular franchise, however the duo were only 12 years apart in age and became great friends during the production of the movie.

Harrison went on to describe one of the most special anecdotes on set, explaining that “you don’t know pleasure until someone pays you to take Sean Connery for a ride in the side car of a Russian motorcycle bouncing along a bumpy, twisty mountain trail and getting to watch him squirm.”

On the Set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade©GettyImages
Sean Connery and Harrison Ford

The blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred the two iconic actors, with Connery almost turning down the role, but ultimately playing professor Henry Jones.

Ford admitted that they “had fun,” reminiscing on their friendship and adding that “if he’s in heaven, I hope that they have golf courses.”

Hollywood actors joined to pay their respects and remembered the great Sean Connery and his legacy, including the multiple stars of the James Bond franchise, commenting on his “wit and charm on screen” and his influence on actors and filmmakers in the present and future.

The list of movie stars that honored Connery includes Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Robert De Niro, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Salma Hayek and Elizabeth Hurley, among others.

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