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Matthew McConaughey© Rick Kern,GettyImages

Matthew McConaughey shows off his impressive bee sting

The actor shared a smiling selfie of his swollen face

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
JULY 10, 2024 3:25 PM EDT

Matthew McConaughey is smiling through the pain. The actor and writer recently shared a selfie, showing him smiling while he shows off his incredibly swollen eye after getting stung by a bee. 

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The photo is a close-up of his face and shows his right eye swollen and completely shut by the bee sting. The rest of his face looks normal, and he's even smiling for the image, showing that while he may be in pain, he's not concerned by the sting. "Bee swell," he captioned the post. 

A couple of days ago, McConaughey celebrated his son Levi's birthday with a sweet post and message. The message was shared as a recording on Instagram, which showed various photos of McConaughey and Levi over the years. 

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McConaughey's message to his eldest son

He kicked off the message by sharing that Levi is growing older and growing closer to the age where he won't need his parents for everything. "Just go out, enjoy," he said in the audio message. "Be aware of your surroundings. Know when to say yes, when to say no, when to say maybe. See the good in everybody else because not everyone else is paying attention. Take your time, enjoy the journey." Levi celebrated his 16th birthday. 

McConaughey and Levi have a close relationship, with McConaughey claiming that becoming a father was one of the most inspiring moments of his life. In previous interviews he's revealed that becoming a father helped him choose better parts as an actor. “I looked up and started to say... you know what, I just had a son," he said at HISTORYTalks in 2020. "The story I’m living is more vibrant than the characters in the stories that I feel like I’m playing in some of these romantic comedies."

“All of a sudden, things came to me that I was wanting to do,” he said. “Dramatic roles that I’d been pursuing that weren’t coming my way. For about 11 years I’ve been on a run that I’ve been enjoying.”