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Will Smith confesses to Lele Pons how she inspired him: Watch the epic video© Source: EB Management

Will Smith confesses to Lele Pons how she inspired him: Watch the epic video

Imagine hearing this from Will Smith

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
JUNE 10, 2024 6:14 PM EDT

Lele Pons has many things to be proud of, but inspiring Will Smith may be near the top of her list. On Monday, the artist shared an epic video with the legendary actor, who confessed how she inspired him when he was getting started on social media.

Will Smith confesses to Lele Pons how she inspired him: Watch the epic video© Source: EB Management

The Bad Boys: Ride or Die stars, Smith and Martin Lawrence, have been doing press, and Pons was invited to one of the premieres. Not only did she get the chance to hang out with the actors, but Smith shared his admiration for the Venezuelan artist, confessing that he studied her social media.

“You were one of the first people I studied when I wanted to start my social media. I said: ‘She is magic,’” the I am Legend star told Pons, who couldn’t hold back her proud smile. “And how you do the beginning, middle, and end in 16 seconds. I find it spectacular,” Smith continued.

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Pons, who recently stunned during Miami Swim Week, shared her excitement and honor in the caption, writing that after 11 years, she would’ve never thought that she inspired someone like Smith. “11 years doing videos thanks to Vine and never did i think i would teach or even inspire someone like THE WILL SMITH to create content on Social Media!! I am still in shock by his words,” she wrote. The “Celoso” singer also encouraged content creators to keep going, “Never give up, and keep doing what you love cause you never know who is watching.”

But that wasn’t it - while together, Smith and Lawrence took the time to Facetime and surprise some of Pons’ inner circle. The first was her husband, Guaynaa, who was super excited to see who she was with. They then called Anitta, María Becerra, her best friend Hannah Stocking, influencers La Divaza and Domelipa, and Steve Aoki.

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Lele Pons: The social media expert

Pons is the perfect person for inspiration; She is incredibly talented when it comes to social media.

She rose to prominence on Vine before it was shut down in 2016, where she was the most followed woman and the third most followed Viner with 11.5 million followers.

Today, the artist has over 100 million followers across platforms, and although she has successfully crossed into the music industry, has never stopped doing what she loves. She still brings laughter, joy, and entertainment to her millions of followers with her hilarious videos.