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Jennifer Lopez reveals whether she and Ben Affleck train for movies together

Both have worked on action films, with Lopez premiering “Atlas” soon

Jennifer Lopez is getting ready for the debut of her action film “Atlas.” In a new interview, she revealed if she and her husband Ben Affleck liked to prepare for movie roles together, and if the two trained for their action movies alongside each other.

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Lopez discussed some of the prep she did for the film “Atlas,” a sci-fi action film that follows her partnering up with a robot in order to save the planet from an AI force. When asked if she and Affleck prepared for these types of roles together, she said, “No, no, no. I work on my own,” she said to Entertainment Tonight. She then revealed that Affleck was currently busy with his own schedule.

Lopez was accompanied by her co-stars Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu, who humorously discussed their prep for the film. “What was training?” they said. Lopez pitched in, saying, “There was no boot camp.” She then explained that they approached scenes with a “you can handle it” mentality, and that helped them complete the film.

Lopez’s prep for her upcoming film and tour

In recent weeks, Jennifer Lopez has discussed her prep for various projects she’s working on, something that has put her in the best physical shape of her life. She revealed she had just wrapped production for “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” where she is singing and dancing, and is now getting ready for her tour.

“Now, I’m ready to go. I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been. I’m in fighting shape right now,” she said. “It’s moving your body, constantly moving your body, it’s traveling, it’s doing two hours of exertion every night.”

“It’s a time when I get, like, in a really good kind of healthy shape.”

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