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Family Trip

Jennifer Lopez and Emme in Paris: More photos from their amazing trip

The pair have been enjoying Paris over the past week.

Jennifer Lopez and her child Emme Muniz have spent the past couple of days in Paris. The two have been photographed making the most of the stylish and gorgeous city, visiting some of its most popular locations, and on this occasion, shopping for antiques.

Jennifer Lopez and Emme©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer and Emme in Paris

Photos show Jennifer and Emme walking around Paris, flanked by their security detail. Jennifer wore a stylish yet comfortable ensemble, perfect for a day spent walking and getting to know the city. She wore a cropped white t-shirt, some baggy jeans, and white shoes. She wore her hair in a bun and had on some sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun.

Emme wore an oversized look made out of a button up green and white shirt and some jean shorts. They also showed off some new tunnels on her earlobes, showcasing more of the distinct and cool style they’ve grown associated it with over the past couple of years.

Jennifer Lopez and Emme©GrosbyGroup
Jennifer and Emme

Jennifer and Emme were photographed doing various things, including shopping for antiques and visiting some of the local parks. In one photo, Emme is seen with a digital camera, taking photos of their surroundings. Jennifer is seen supporting them and taking a look at some of the images that were captured.

Jennifer Lopez and Emme©GrosbyGroup
Emme and Jennifer Lopez

More about Jennifer and Emme’s Paris trip

Last weeek, Jennifer and Emme were photographed doing visiting the Louvre Museum. For the occasion, Emme wore a pink button up shirt with some oversized jeans and Converse sneakers, and look happy, laughing with Jennifer as they made their way inside the museum.

Jennifer also opted for a stylish and oversized style, pairing baggy jeans with a long brown coat.

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