Benny Blanco Visits SiriusXM's 'The Howard Stern Show'©GettyImages
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Benny Blanco says he wants to have kids and get married to Selena Gomez

Blanco’s admiration for Gomez was palpable as he described her as “the coolest, the nicest, the sweetest”

SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show welcomed a guest whose talents span beyond the studio booth and into the kitchen. Benny Blanco, the renowned music producer and boyfriend of Selena Gomez, stepped into the limelight to promote his latest venture but offered listeners much more than just a glimpse into his culinary world.

Blanco’s Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends has already garnered attention for its inviting recipes and vibrant storytelling. However, his candid conversation with Howard Stern revealed the multifaceted personality behind the music hits and culinary delights.

Benny Blanco Visits SiriusXM's 'The Howard Stern Show'©GettyImages

Throughout the two-hour interview, Blanco discussed a wide range of topics, from his humble beginnings in Virginia to his unexpected romantic encounters, notably with superstar Selena Gomez.

His recounting of his first date with Selena Gomez, filled with unexpected revelations and endearing anecdotes, painted a picture of a relationship built on genuine connection and mutual respect. “When we went out on our first date, I didn’t even know it was a date,” Blanco chuckled. “I remember sitting there and she’s like, ‘Well, I would have worn something different for this date,’ and I was like, ‘What? We’re on a date?’”

Blanco’s admiration for Gomez was palpable as he described her as “the coolest, the nicest, the sweetest.” Adding: “When I look at her, I do say, I’m always just like ‘I don’t know a world where it could be better than this,’” he said.

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As the conversation turned towards the future, Blanco expressed his desire to embark on the fatherhood journey. “That’s my next goal, to check the box,” he revealed, citing his affection for his godchildren and nephews as inspiration.

As Stern playfully predicted wedding bells for the couple, Blanco’s response hinted at a future filled with possibility and love. “You and me both,” he agreed, leaving listeners eager to see what the future holds for this dynamic duo.

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