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Marc Anthony enjoys Miami F1 and performs the national anthem

Anthony shared updates on social media, showing him performing the national anthem and enjoying himself on the event alongside his wife Nadia Ferreira

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
MAY 6, 2024 11:08 AM EDT

Marc Anthony spent a memorable weekend in his home of Miami. The beloved singer and icon performed the national anthem at the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday, an event that was attended by all manner of celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, who also performed, Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, Camila Cabello, Zinedine Zidane, Donald Trump, and more.

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Anthony shared videos on his Instagram stories showing him and his wife Nadia Ferreira taking a tour through some of the location’s key spots. One of his videos, set to his new song “Ale Ale,” shows Anthony walking through the grounds of the Miami Grand Prix and having a look at some of the cars that would be racing later that day. Anthony looked excited as he listened to what the technicians said about the vehicles and as he watched them put together various vehicles.

“F1 weekend has begun... Esto sigueee!” he captioned the post.

A second video showed him and Ferreira in the location right before his performance. He’s then seen singin the national anthem, prompting the crowd to get on its feet. “What a day!” he captioned the post. “Thank you.”

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More about Miami’s Grand Prix

This year’s Grand Prix packed all manner of exciting moments, including Max Verstappen winning plenty of races and Lando Norris scoring his first big Formula 1 win.

Lewis Hamilton, one of the most famous figures in F1, shared his thoughts on Grand Prix events in the US and how the sport has become more popular as of recent years. “Every city that I go to, people are excited. It’s now a sport here in the states. Before, it was just an event that arrived once a year. Now, we’re kind of a part of the culture here, which is really, really cool,” he said, per NBC News. 

“It’s been amazing, and I think all of us are super grateful for the U.S. finally embracing this sport and having the love and passion for it that we all have grown up with.”