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Ivanka Trump shares sweet tribute to celebrate her son’s birthday

Ivanka’s son Theo is celebrating his eighth birthday.

Ivanka Trump is celebrating her son’s birthday. To commemorate the occasion, Ivanka shared a loving and sweet post celebrating her youngest son Theo, sharing photos of and with her son and calling out some of his best attributes.

The post is made up of various photos of Theo, including ones taken on his eighth birthday celebration. It also features some photos that were taken earlier on in his life.

Theo’s most recent birthday party was football themed. He’s seen wearing the uniform of the Miami Dolphins, and posing with his parents, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, standing in front of his birthday cake. The cake is green and in the shape of a football field, having a helmet in the middle, and reading his name in the corner.

Other photos showed Theo with his pets, his dog Simba and his hamster Chester, and some older images, showing him as a baby holding on to his teddy bear, and also as a newborn, being held by his parents.

“Happy 8th birthday, Theo!” Ivanka began the post. “Your curiosity knows no bounds—from football to parkour, jujitsu, guitar, piano, Hebrew, Rubik’s cubes, Chinese, puzzles, and poker, just to name a few. Every day, you amaze us with your relentless pursuit of learning, exploring, and mastering new skills. Your enthusiasm and joy in every adventure are truly inspiring.”

“With so much Kavanah in your heart, you approach every task with intention and passion, reflecting the depth of your spirit. Here’s to celebrating the incredible, kind, and endlessly curious young man you are blossoming into.”

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Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Ivanka’s hopes for Theo’s future

As she concluded her post, Ivanka shared some sweet sentiments and thoughts regarding her son’s future. “Keep chasing your dreams, Theo, and never stop exploring. The world is yours to discover, one adventure at a time,” she concluded.

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