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Bad Bunny erases all of his Instagram posts and shares photo of his luxe breakfast

In a new post, Bad Bunny is seen eating some cereal and having a good time.

Bad Bunny has deleted all of his Instagram posts. He’s also changed his name, profile pic, and shared a new photo, prompting a lot of speculation from fans who believe this behavior usually precludes big announcements.

The post is made up of various photos of himself eating some cereal, with a stack of singles right next to him on the dining table. He appears to be in a white room with some stairs behind him, and is wearing a white t-shirt, some khaki pants, and some stylish sunglasses. “Breakfast,” he captioned the post in Spanish.

Bad Bunny’s social media behavior has at times been linked with musical releases. Before sharing new music, he often erases all posts and starts over from scratch, a technique that’s been used by other artists and actors, more recently Zendaya.

“I want to see the most schizophrenic theory after Bad Bunny’s post,” wrote a viewer on X. “In 2023, Bad Bunny’s album was released. In 2024, Benito will release an album,” wrote someone else.

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Bad Bunny at SNL

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s relationship

Despite breaking up late last year, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner appear to have a friendly relationship. The couple appears to have spent some holiday celebrations together. “They are very different people and nobody ever saw their relationship going the distance, but they have a lot of fun together and missed each other since the split,” said a source to The US Sun.

“They were with friends in the Caribbean over New Year and since getting back they’ve been dating again,” they continued. “He’s keen to win her back, and although they’re taking it slow at the minute, nobody would be surprised if they made it official again.”

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