Sea friends

Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson go snorkeling in Portofino

Obama, Hanks, and Rita Wilson were seen enjoying themselves aboard Steven Spielberg’s yacht.

Michelle Obama is continuing to enjoy her year. The former First Lady was photographed enjoying herself in Italy, accompanied by friends Steven Spielberg,Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The three were photographed aboard Spielberg’s yacht and were also seen snorkeling in Portofino.

Michelle Obama on vacation©GrosbyGroup
Michelle Obama, Steven Spielberg, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, and Kate Capshaw

Photos show Obama relaxing with her friends aboard a smaller boat. She wore a cream colored one piece bathing suit, and paired the look with some sunglasses. Wilson was seen with a black bathing suit, while Hanks wore a white shirt. Spielberg is also visible in the image, wearing a blue shirt, with a white hat. Also in the photo is Kate Capshaw, Spielberg’s wife, who was also wearing a black bathing suit.

Another photo showed Obama and Wilson laughing in the water, as the two wore the appropriate snorkeling tools to have a look at some of the fish and corals that were located close to them.

Spielberg’s yacht is named the Seven Seas, and was purchased this summer. According to the Daily Mail, the luxurious boat is valued at $250 million and has two pools, a movie theater and a helicopter landing pad.

Michelle Obama on vacation©GrosbyGroup
Michelle and Rita laughing in the water

Michelle’s European summer

Michelle Obama has enjoyed her summer to the fullest. Over the past few months, she’s been photographed in various locations, including Majorca and Madrid, where she spent some days alongside her friends. Before that, she was spotted in New York with her husband Barack Obama, where the two attended the US Open and had a chat with Coco Gauff.

“I haven’t soaked it in because I literally just walked in here. I think I’m going to never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I went from being really upset after a win to, like, being really happy. So I’m glad I got to meet them. They gave me some good advice too,” said Gauff following the encounter.

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