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Spanish holiday

Michelle Obama’s Spanish Getaway: a summer of friendship and culture

Michelle spent the last of her summer enjoying some of the best spots in Spain and spending time with her closest friends.

Michelle Obama made the most out of the fading days of summer. The former First Lady recently embarked on a late summer holiday in Spain, enjoying a whirlwind adventure in two beautiful cities – Mallorca and Madrid.

Accompanied by her friends, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos and Michael Smith, an interior designer and Costos’ husband. Michelle’s Spanish trip was a mix of relaxation, art appreciation and quality time with a discreet circle of friends.

A Frequent Visitor to Spain

Michelle Obama©Murillo Cafe Bistro
Michelle Obama stopped by Murillo Cafe, where she took photos with the owners

Michelle Obama is no stranger to Spain. Since leaving the White House in 2017, she has visited Spain at least five times. Her 1st official visit to Madrid occurred in 2016, where she met with King Felipe and collaborated with Queen Letizia to promote the “Let Girls Learn” initiatives.

A Stylish Arrival

Flanigan's restaurant©Flanigan's restaurant
Following her arrival, Michelle enjoyed lunch at Flanigan’s restaurant in Puerto Portals

Costos, currently the President of Secuoya Studios, and Smith, the famous international decorator, were first seen with Obama enjoying lunch at the renowned Flanigan’s restaurant in Puerto Portals, shortly after landing in Palma by private jet with substantial security detail.

Afterward, the trio dove into vacation mode, as Michelle Obama boarded the elegant yacht “Falcao Uno” in Palma Harbor for a scenic 3-hour cruise. The security motorcade then whisked them away to Finca Xarbet, the stunning Mallorcan residence purchased by Costos and Smith the previous year, as prominently featured on its own public Instagram account, @FincaXarbet.

Evening Delights

James Costos and Michael Smith©Courtesy of James Costos
Michelle Obama spent time with her close friends, James Costos and Michael Smith

Reports suggest that the Costos-Smith hosted an enchanting outdoor dinner party for the former First Lady that evening, attended by several friends, including the newly appointed president of the Balearic Islands and her spouse, with Smith sharing a photo of his garden table on his Instagram account.

The following evening, they enjoyed sunset cocktails on the rooftop of Hotel Sant Francesce in Palma, where they mingled with owner Andreas Soldevila and his wife Aida, along with other guests. Later that night, they strolled the charming streets of Palma and enjoyed a delightful dinner at Restaurant El Camino, with Costos sharing a snapshot of the menu and two bottles of fine Spanish wine on social media.

Finca Xarbet, the stunning Mallorcan residence purchased by Costos and Smith©FincaXarbet
Finca Xarbet, the stunning Mallorcan residence purchased by Costos and Smith

A Glamorous Dinner in Madrid

When Costos completed his tenure as Ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in January 2017, he and Smith never entirely severed ties with Spain. They have since made a new home in the Almagro neighborhood of Madrid, where Michelle Obama stayed during her visit. A glamorous dinner party was thrown in her honor, attended by notable figures such as Carolina Herrera Jr., the Mayor of Madrid, and Borja Arteaga from the U.S.-based investment bank, PJT Partners, where Costos serves on the board.

Their gathering featured friends from the art and entertainment industries, reflecting Costos’s work at Secuoya Studios, located within Madrid Content City. Notably, this complex houses Netflix European Headquarters, a company where the Obamas have their production company, Higher Ground, which premiered its newest movie, Rustin, while Obama was visiting Spain.

Building Bridges

Queen letizia of Spain Meets Michelle Obama©GettyImages
Queen Letizia and Michelle Obama met in 2016, with the two working together to promote the “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

Costos has been instrumental in building and maintaining ties between the U.S. and Spain. While he declined to comment on the specifics of the First Lady’s visit when contacted by HOLA!, he expressed his excitement about returning to Spain with Michael and Michelle after a long hiatus.

This trip came after Costos successfully battled prostate cancer in Los Angeles this past summer, a battle he had shared publicly on his social media platform earlier this year.

Continuing the Journey

Celebrities Sighting In Madrid - July 01, 2016©GettyImages
Michelle Obama arriving in Madrid in 2016.

With substantial security detail, Michelle Obama’s motorcade departed from the Costos-Smith residence this past Friday for lunch at Restaurant Fayer before heading to an undisclosed location in Madrid.

Michelle Obama’s late summer holiday in Spain was a testament to the power of friendship, cultural experiences, and the enduring connections between nations, and offered a glimpse into the life of a former First Lady who continues to inspire and captivate the world with her grace and commitment to meaningful causes.

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