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Sylvester Stallone and his daughters meet a big fan: the Pope

After introducing each other, Stallone and the Pope fake-boxed for a second.

Sylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer, and his daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, stopped by the Vatican for a private audience with the Pope. The encounter was solemn at first, with the women dressed in black and Stallone wearing a suit, but quickly turned fun when the Pope confessed he’s been a long-time fan of Stallone’s work. The two even boxed.

Vatican Pool Images 2023©GettyImages
Stallone and his family meeting the Pope

A video of the encounter was shared on Twitter, showing Stallone introducing his family to the Pope. “I’m honored,” said the Pope, surprising Stallone. “We grew up with your films.”

“Well I’m honored, too,” said Stallone, getting on a boxing stance. “Ready? We box.” The Pope threw a fake jab himself, prompting laughs from everyone in the room.

Stallone and his family stopped by the Vatican after premiering a film at the Toronto Film Festival. Stallone stars in “Sly,” a documentary that will premiere in Netflix in the coming months, tracking his life, from his rough childhood and teen years to the formation of his family and birth of his daughters.

Stallone’s documentary

“Sly” will premiere on Netflix in the fall, described as “a thoughtful, intimate look at Stallone’s triumphs and struggles, drawn in parallel with the indelible characters he’s played.”

Aside from featuring moments from his career and his films, the doc also has access to Stallone himself, who provides interviews and commentary on some of the most important moments of his career.

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