Ricky Martin talks about his separation for the first time: ‘My children never saw a fight between Jwan and me’©@jwanyosef
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Ricky Martin talks about his separation for the first time: ‘My children never saw a fight between Jwan and me’

The singer also mentioned that the relationship had been strained for a long time

Amid his international tour “Ricky Martin Sinfónico,” Ricky Martin opened his heart and talked about personal topics, such as the announcement of his separation from longtime partner Jwan Yosef and how his children have supported him.

Journalist Lourdes Collazo from Telemundo talked with the singer, who confessed that his separation from Jwan started before the pandemic and hinted that he is not close to the idea of finding love.

Ricky Martin y Jwan Yosef©GettyImages
Ricky Martin talks about his separation for the first time: ‘My children never saw a fight between Jwan and me’

“When the public found out, we had already gone through a grieving process,” revealed the singer of “La Mordidita,” who shared that the fracture in their relationship had been happening for some time, even before the pandemic.

“Jwan and I will always be family. We have two children that we are going to raise together, and this is not a recent decision. We have been planning this situation for a long time, it’s pre-pandemic,” he added.

“We look into each other’s eyes and smile, we hug each other, and we go through the ups and downs, we cry together, and we laugh together,” he added about his relationship with his ex, ensuring they are “better than ever.”

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“Mis hijos nunca vieron una pelea entre Jwan y yo”, dijo el cantante

Both Jwan and Ricky were careful not to have conflicts in front of the children, and he revealed that they resolved everything through conversation. “My children never saw a fight between Jwan and me,” he said. “That’s why it’s like, ‘Are you going to divorce, are you going to separate, how?’ because we resolved our differences with a good talk, maybe in our room.”

“When we told them, it was like, ‘Well, Dad, are you okay, are you happy? Is this the decision? Don’t do it for us, we’re okay,” he said about the reaction of his two older children..

A peaceful process

While the divorce process is not a happy event, it has been smooth for the former couple, to the point where they would dare to advise those going through something similar. “It has been wonderful. I even told Jwan we should write a book about how to get divorced properly. In fact, if someone is getting divorced, come and talk to us because we already have this figured out,” he said with a hint of humor. “It has been much easier than we thought, but we’ve done it with time and calmness,” he reflected.

Ricky Martin believes in love, but it is not the right time

Lourdes Collazo asked Ricky Martin if he would be open to getting married again, to which the singer responded playfully. He believes in love, but, for now, he wants to “have a good time.”

“Take it easy! It was seven or eight years (with Jwan). I want to have a good time, I want to enjoy life... Let’s take it easy, but yes, I do see myself in another relationship. I’m not talking about the near future, but I like being in love, I like being in a relationship, I like waking up in the morning to a morning kiss, breakfast, and complicity,” the actor also commented.

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