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Jessica Alba shares some of her mental health rituals

Get your sage!

Jessica Alba knows is important to put focus on your mental health, and is encouraging others to make themselves a priority. Mental Health Awareness Month is coming to an end, and on Wednesday, the actress posted a video with some of the ways she keeps balanced.

In the clip, Alba can be seen calmly meditating, enjoying sound baths, self-care, smudging her space, exercising, and more. “When it comes to keeping my mental right, I don’t discriminate - I’m down for all of it!” She wrote in the caption. “These rituals fill my cup and help me return to myself - they’re little moments where it feels good simply to exist.”

In the second slide were photos and examples of mental health rituals, like shaking the entire body to shake off energy, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Breathing deeply, using the breath as a tool to release energy, inner SMILE meditation, walking it out, sweeping the body with your hands to sweep energy out to release, or in when setting attention, were more tools, along with writing to yourself, jumping into a body of water, or cold shower, and more.

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Mental Health Month is in May

The 42-year-old businesswoman admitted it’s not always easy to find time for yourself, but assured that just a few healthy practices and make a difference in your mental health/wellness. “During the pandemic, I began focusing on my mental health more than ever before - truthfully, the tools I learned (and am still learning!) and practices I now prioritize have completely changed how I feel,” she wrote.

Not everyone grows up with self-care and mental health practices, and neither was Alba, but going outside your comfort zone can help bring you peace in your everyday life. “It’s not easy to carve out space for new things, we are programmed, raised to blend in with our environments. But you deserve self care, and your mental health is essential to your overall wellness. So make yourself a priority, check in on your friends + fam - spread love and lead with your heart,” she added.

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