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Celebrating her love

Salma Hayek’s heartfelt birthday dedication to her beloved husband, François-Henri Pinault

The Mexican Hollywood actress took to Instagram to share her love for her husband

After her successful appearance at Cannes, where she dazzled with different looks on the red carpets of several galas, Salma Hayek has returned to her personal life in high spirits. The Mexican actress is currently celebrating her husband, François-Henri Pinault’s birthday. On this occasion, she showed the world her love for her husband with an emotional dedication, expressing her deep love for him and her gratitude for the opportunity to share her life with him.

Salma shared a photograph on her Instagram profile, taken during their recent stay in Cannes, where they can be seen deeply in love. He embraces her waist while she looks at him affectionately, gently caressing his face with her hands. Salma wrote heartfelt words in the caption, describing what François means to her. “Happy birthday, my love. You are my sunshine, my warmth, my light, my strength, my joy, my love.”

While Salma and François-Henri appear to have a solid marriage and openly declare their love, it seems it wasn’t easy for the businessman to win over the Oscar-nominated actress. He had to propose to her more than once. “You have to overcome fear to feel free and discover your strengths. I used to have a phobia of snakes, and there I was, dancing with my biggest fear in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn.’ I was afraid of the dark. And marriage. And here I am, married. Although I’m embarrassed to admit how many times he had to ask me. Three times! That has been the biggest fear I have overcome,” Salma admitted during an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País in 2015.

As a reward for facing one of her greatest fears, the Veracruz-born actress found the love of her life in the businessman, acknowledging in the same interview that their relationship makes her feel complete. “I live with the love of my life, a wonderful man, self-assured and a feminist, who loves strong women and knows how to take care of me because there are many strong women, with power and determination, who, when we come home, like to have someone who takes care of us and takes the reins,” she expressed.

The ‘Frida Kahlo’ star also spoke about this in a recent interview with Glamour, revealing that her family tricked her into their wedding without knowing what would happen. “They just took me to the courthouse,” Hayek recalled. “My parents, my brother, they were all pushing me. I had a phobia of marriage,” she shared.

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Salma delved further into the topic and revealed that when she arrived at the courthouse, she had no idea what was happening but had no choice but to go through with the marriage. “I didn’t even know I was getting married that day... It was like an intervention,” the actress commented.

Finally, the star recounted what happened after their courthouse wedding, “then, there was a lunch at his parents‘ house. My mother-in-law, who has impeccable taste when it comes to hosting, had already been preparing the lunch,” added Salma, who recently celebrated 13 years of marriage to the French businessman.

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