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Shakira’s artist niece, Isabella Mebarak, falls victim to a robbery

A day after the opening of her art exhibition, Shakira’s niece had some of her work and pocessions stolen

Following the opening of her art exhibition in Miami, Isabella Mebarak, Shakira’s niece, fell victim to a robbery. The artist took to social media to reveal that her possessions, including an iPad with unpublished works, a digital stylus for her designs, and valuable bags containing high-end makeup, had been stolen.

Sobrina de Shakira©@isabellamebarak

In a desperate attempt to recover her loss, Isabella and her friends initiated a GoFundMe campaign. The aim was to gather funds to get Isabella the tools needed to resume her work. On the fundraising platform, Isabella’s brother, Tarik, shared the following heartfelt message:

“Hi ”chicos“, I’m posting this because someone stole my sister Isabella’s most cherished possessions. They stole her iPad, which is a key tool for her artwork, a phone, and two bags, one expensive bag with expensive things like makeup... why is makeup so expensive? Well, anyway, it sucks because it wasn’t even Isa’s makeup bag. It belonged to my little sister, Nani. Please donate whatever you can to help my sister get a new iPad so she can continue her work and replace Nani’s makeup.”

Shakira’s niece©@isabellamebarak
Isabella with her parents and siblings

According to Tarik, another of Shakira’s nephews, Isabella wasn’t the only one affected by this robbery; Nani, Isa’s sister, was also harmed as the thieves took her expensive makeup collection.

The fundraising campaign in support of Isabella aims to raise $1,250, and as of the publication of this edition, $698 has been raised. Isabella, 24 years old, has the support of her friends and family, who have shared her plea for help on social media to support her in raising the necessary funds.

Keeping the bad vibes away

Dispelling negative energy Despite the difficult circumstances, Isabella has managed to find some humor in it, and she shared a video on her social media of herself performing an egg cleanse. This practice, part of a diverse set of beliefs worldwide, is performed to ward off negative energies. The cleanse involves rubbing an egg all over the body and discarding the yolk and white upon breaking it, thus ‘absorbing’ all the negative vibes. By throwing it away, those energies are said to leave the person.

The young artist wrote alongside the video of her cleanse: “Here I am desperately performing an egg cleanse because I got robbed a day after my art exhibition.”

Isabella is the daughter of Shakira’s older brother and right-hand man, Tonino. He has been part of her team for years and worked as a road manager for the Dorado World Tour.

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