Salma Hayek feeds raccoons©Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek befriends raccoons using pizza and encourages them to share

Don’t be greedy

Salma Hayek might take some furry friends to the next red carpet. The actress recently befriended some raccoons, and it looks like they hit it off. On Monday, the Mexican icon shared a gallery of hilarious videos from her night out celebrating producer Heather Parry’s birthday when they came across raccoons.

Salma Hayek feeds raccoons©Salma Hayek

Hayek, who recently had fans drooling, looked stoked as she approached the fence the mammals were hiding behind. “Amigo!” She called out realizing he was eating chicken. “He’s eating the chicken!”

In the next clip, Hayek sounded disappointed she wasn’t filming earlier but still managed to capture some National Geographic-worthy content.

She eventually fed an entire slice of pizza to one of her nocturnal friends. Once they established a bond, she tried to encourage them to share. “Don’t be greedy give him some pizza,” she said.

The hilarious clips got the attention of over 129k people who liked the post. One of those people was Vanessa Hudgens, who asked, “Why are you so freakin adorable.”

If you are wondering if it’s a bad thing that Hayek gave raccoons pizza, they are natural scavengers and will literally eat trash. Which is why they are called trash pandas.

While some people are scared of the adorable but at times, feisty animals, it should come as no surprise that the Puss in Boots star was unbothered. She is a known animal lover and even has a pet owl named Kering.

Hayek told Stephen Colbert she even hangs out in the room with her when she sleeps. “I don’t sleep much, but sometimes when I sleep, she just flies around, and I just feel the wind as she passes. Sometimes she lands on my leg or my head. At the beginning it was scary, but now I‘m used to it, and she just kind of stays with me sometimes… for a little bit and then flies again,” she explained.

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