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Alfonso Herrera denies asking US$10 million to go on tour with RBD

He did not ask for a juicy economic agreement that would convince him to join the tour

The RBD reunion is being overshadowed by several reports that assure Alfonso Herrera’s refusal to participate in the band’s comeback has to do with money.

Although we reported that the actor is focused on his career, others media outlets assured that Herrera did not reach a juicy economic agreement that would convince him to join the tour. A Mexican magazine even claimed that he asked for 10 million dollars. After the reports, Herrera and the RBD took to social media to deny the information.

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Alfonso, also known as Poncho, was oblivious to the controversy. Still, after TVNotas released the report on the alleged economic disagreement, the “Ozark” actor said on Twitter that money was not a determining factor in his life.

“I generally don’t pay attention to magazines that only promote unpleasant things, but it seems important to me to expose some points that come from me and not from an invention,” he wrote. “Denying my past implies denying my present, money is not everything, and it does not fully motivate my decisions.”

“I am grateful for what I had, what I have, and what is to come. I will always wish the best for any project that derives from Rebelde. In the same way that my colleagues have supported me in absolutely everything, which I deeply appreciate,” he added in another tweet.


The actor assured that Rebelde will always be part of his story and wished his teammates and fans the best. “Rebelde meant and means to pursue your dreams and be consistent with what you want in life, something that I try day by day... sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I learn. And to the fans, my eternal gratitude for so much support and love. Happy 2023”.

In addition to Poncho’s message, Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, and Christian Chávez shared a statement assuring that the magazine’s reports were not accurate and that it was false information and defamatory about the alleged agreements and negotiations for the reunion of RBD, as well as the details of the past virtual show.

They added, “No office member in charge of the project has been in contact with the magazine, and no details have ever been provided in relation to these projects.”

They also said that there was “respect, affection, and support” for Alfonso Herrera. Finally, the singers asked their fans not to fall for false information and not to spread it.

On January 19, the band will reveal the dates of their tour.

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