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RBD Press Conference© GettyImages

RBD’s Maite Perroni stands up for bandmate Alfonso Herrera

RBD will have their reunion next year; Herrera is the one bandmate that won’t be returning.

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
DECEMBER 30, 2022 1:18 PM EST

RBD is reuniting at the start of the new year. The awaited reunion will feature the return of most bandmates, including Anahi, Christopher von Uckermann, Christian Chavez,  Maite Perroni and Dulce Maria. Alfonso Herrera is the one member who won’t be involved in the band’s new projects.

In a press conference in Mexico, Maite Perroni took a moment to stand up for him.

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Herrera’s decision to step back from the spotlight is one that has been met with a lot of controversy from fans and followers. In a press conference, Perroni talked about Alfonso Herrera and why everyone should respect his decision.

“I think we need to respect the personal and professional decisions that everyone makes and accept that they have nothing to do with the love and affection that exists between us,” she said. “These are just decisions that take us to different places, nothing more.”

Perroni also talked about the band’s mysterious reunions and whether that means new music, a tour, or more. “Wait until January 19th,” she said. “In the meantime, subscribe to the website.”

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Alfonso Herrera has had a prolific international career following his departure from RBD. The actor has appeared in TV shows like “Sense8” and “Ozark” and is scheduled to appear in various movies and series. While he hasn’t spoken much about the RBD reunion, he has said in previous interviews that he prefers to act instead of singing.

“I’m only doing what I like, picking projects that move me and it has been very enriching to be involved with all of the projects I’ve wanted to make my whole life. Acting is where my voice sounds the loudest, more than in stages,” he said in an interview with El Universal.