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Cardi B reveals she’s been struggling with comforting Offset after the death of Takeoff

“We living our lives normally, but deep down inside, our hearts have been so heavy,” she says

Cardi B is a supportive wife and loving mom, but still, she says she’s been struggling with comforting Offset after the death of Takeoff. The Dominican descent rapper and businesswoman took to social media to share how her husband feels after losing his bandmate and cousin due to gun violence.

The 30-year-old star can be heard on a since-deleted Twitter voice note talking about how internet trolls were “trying to be funny to get clout.”

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Cardi B and Offset attend Takeoff’s Celebration of Life at State Farm Arena on November 11, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We living our lives normally, but deep down inside, our hearts have been so heavy,” Cardi said. “I feel like if I talk about the incident so desensitized, I feel like if we talk about how we really feel or what motherf---kers really been going through, y’all will start saying, ‘Oh, sympathy.’ And we don’t want no sympathy. We ain’t no charity case. But no lie, I have been feeling so hopeless trying to make my husband happy.”

The award-winning rap superstar also said she’s not “in the mood” to be “playing around” online. “Trying to make him crack a smile, seeing him randomly cry, see him trying to distract his mind completely, schedules been changing, trying to keep up with work after everything that he’s been going through these past couple of weeks,” Cardi revealed.

Kirshnik Khari Ball, better known by his stage name Takeoff, completed the three-member rap group of Migos alongside Quavo and Cardi B’s husband, Offset. While playing dice at a bowling alley in Houston, the 28-year-old rapper was fatally shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

In addition to the late artists, TMZ reported two other people on the premises were also shot and taken to hospital. Quavo, who was also hanging out with Takeoff, was unharmed.

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Takeoff was laid to rest after his family, friends, and fans gathered at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on Friday, November 11. While everyone is still in shock from the tragic loss, Offset took to social media to pen a heartfelt message to his cousin and bandmate.

“The pain you have left me with is unbearable,” Offset wrote on Instagram. “My heart is shattered, and I have so many things to say, but I can’t find the words. I’ve been going to sleep and waking up hoping that all of this is a dream, but it’s reality, and reality feels like a nightmare. Every time you would see me, you didn’t give me a dap you gave me a hug. I wish I could hug you one last time. Laugh one last time. Smoke one last time. Perform one last time.”

“I know someone with a soul like yours is in heaven now. I hope you can see how much we love and miss you. You have left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. Give me strength, give your brothers strength, give your family strength. Even though I know you will always be with us, throw me a lil sign or a beautiful dream. I love you forever, 4L and after,” he concluded.

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