Matt Damon and his family in Argentina©GrosbyGroup
Family trip

Matt Damon and his family enjoy their vacation in Argentina

Damon traveled to the country following his attendance at the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Matt Damon and his family are enjoying themselves in Argentina. Damon, who’s married to Argentinean Luciana Barroso, has enjoyed the city thoroughly, spending time in restaurants and the city’s most famous hotspots while also dealing with some business matters.

Matt Damon and his family in Argentina©GrosbyGroup
Damon and his family have enjoyed their time in the city.

The photos show Damon and his family enjoying the city and greeting some friends. According to the Argentinean publication La Nacion, Damon enjoyed his Sunday in a very Argentinean fashion: eating steak at one of the city’s best restaurants and watching the Boca Juniors soccer game on TV.

Matt Damon and his family in Argentina©GrosbyGroup
Damon greeting friends and family.

Damon and his family also made stops in some of Buenos Aires’ most famous pastry shops and walked through the streets of Palermo, one of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods.

While the family is enjoying the trip as a vacation, Damon is also on business. Per La Nacion, he’s scheduled to appear in some interviews related to a streaming company.

Damon has visited Argentina in the past. In interviews, he’s discussed his experiences in the country and one memorable instance where he watched a soccer game in the city, calling it one of the craziest things he’d ever attended.

“The craziest thing I’ve seen without a doubt was a soccer game in Argentina. My wife is Argentine, we went to spend a Christmas 11 or 12 years ago. Her family is a fan of Boca Juniors, which is a very popular team in Buenos Aires and was supposed to play in a final. I said to my wife’s uncle, ‘Hey, can we go to this game?’ And he got very serious and said, ‘We can go, we can go ... without women or children.’ I said what?‘. I was thinking of taking the boys and going. But I understood why when we went,” he said in an appearance on “Hot Ones.” “We had to go through three police checkpoints. There were fences with barbed wire, I mean, it was totally crazy. There were policemen in riot gear.”

Matt Damon and his family in Argentina©GrosbyGroup
Damon and his daughters in Buenos Aires.

Damon and his wife were in attendance at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding in Georgia. Damon and Affleck have been friends for decades, often collaborating together and making successful movies. Last year, when Lopez and Affleck started spending time together, Damon was often asked about the nature of their relationship. “It’s a fascinating story. I love them both. I hope it’s true. That would be awesome,” he said in an interview with the Today Show. He’s surely glad that he doesn’t have to keep that secret anymore!

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