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Wedding of the year

Wedding planner reveals the special meaning behind Jennifer Lopez’s all-white ceremony

Lopez, who is a rule breaker when it comes to fashion, went ahead with the theme and blended with her guests

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but as soon as the special date arrives, all nervousness and anxiety turn into a moment filled with magic. Over the weekend, all eyes were on what might be labeled as the wedding of the year.

A month after eloping in Las Vegas, the happy couple, which rekindled their relationship in 2021, married for the second time in the actor’s multimillion-dollar compound in Riceboro, Georgia. This estate was supposed to host Affleck and Lopez’s wedding 20 years ago.

Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck©GrosbyGroup

Although it was reported that the ceremony would be all about Jennifer, the singer, actress, and businesswoman decided to blend with the guest and host an all-white celebration.

The selections shocked more than once since brides and grooms are traditionally the only ones “allowed” to wear white, and any other guest attending in the same color is considered rude.

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Lopez, who is a rule breaker when it comes to fashion, went ahead with the theme, and we are almost sure there is a special reason behind it.

Bruce Russell of Bruce Russell Events told HOLA! USA things are changing, and white weddings are more popular. “I believe that in today’s society, age-old traditions are more the exception than the norm when it comes to weddings. Brides and grooms make their own rules and adapt traditions to suit their style, personalities, and wedding day. It’s a personal choice!” the expert says.

“You might be surprised; all white weddings are becoming more common than you think,” Russell added. “Just don’t wear white if the attire doesn’t call for it. And if the wedding invitation suggests a dress code of any kind, guests should always adhere to that; it’s simply good etiquette and respect. No one wants to be the guest to ruin a good photo op at an all-white wedding!”

What the Color Psychology says about white

In theory, white is not a real color but the presence of light. White represents purity or innocence. Historically, a bride wearing white was often thought to convey the bride’s virginity.

The Color Psychology says it represents new beginnings, just like “a piece of white paper not being written yet.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wedding Georgia©GrosbyGroup

Emily Burton of Emily Burton Designs, an internationally known wedding planner, event designer, producer, and prop stylist, said that this indeed is a new chapter.“White typically means purity; in a sense, they are making a clean slate and a fresh start from everything that has happened previously,” Burton told HOLA! USA.

“Jennifer Lopez and Ben’s wedding is a new chapter of their being together. They’re getting rid of the old and starting a brand new life together. It’s also an unexpected edgy twist, and JLo is known for being an icon in the fashion industry and in media and wanted to make a statement.”

Burton also said that white weddings in summer make sense. “In a more practical sense, it being in the summer, with the heat in humidity, it would naturally make all their guests a bit cooler,” the expert added.

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