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WOW Luis!

Luis Miguel reappears in Miami happy with a new incredible and youthful look

The singer posed with some of his fans, and the photos went viral because of how good he looks

For a long time, Luis Miguel has kept a low profile away from the spotlight. The singer is usually quite discreet when he goes out in public. However, in the past, some of his fans have been lucky and managed to take photos with him. These images usually go viral in a matter of minutes because they tell us indirectly, how the famous Puerto Rican singer is doing. This is what happened just a few days ago, as three of his fans were able to take an incredible photo by his side, and what caught the attention of most is how good the singer looked in this photo.

Luis Miguel©@agathasencion

Some are saying that Luis Miguel has found the fountain of youth, and that this is unlike other photos that had been leaked in the past. This time, the latin singer looked fit, healthy and happy. He was with the smile he had when he captured the hearts of millions of women in the world and it seemed his hair returned to the style he wore when on stage.

Always with a mysterious air, Luis Miguel wore a black suit look with a satin lapel, and a matching shirt that he unbuttoned at chest. He seemed so happy that he apperantly broke his own rule of photographing with fans, and agreed to pose with this group of friends who were celebrating a birthday in a prestigious restaurant in Miami.

Luis Miguel©@naiza

With this public appearance and the photo going viral on social, Luis Miguel is getting nothing but compliments. Not, like in one of his past appearances a few years ago, where fans where surprised by his weight gain and extreme tan.

Now, the latin star shines again and his fans are happy to see him so radiant. Although there were some divided opinions on whether he had undergone surgery to look so good. Of course, there were also comments about a new tour, as his fans can’t wait to see him on stage again.

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