Britney Spears has no idea who Pete Davidson and Scott Disick are

Pete Davidson who?

Pete Davidson was humbled this week when Britney Spears revealed that she has no idea who he is. On Tuesday, Britney shared the viral video of Davidson and Scott Disick’s “boys night” with the caption, “Sorry had to repost this … no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard !!!!”

Britney Spears©Britney Spears

The video that had Britney laughing showed Davidson’s seemingly boring night with Kourtney Kardashians’ ex-boyfriend and father of her children. Davidson was the only was still awake, and he panned the camera showing everyone passed out with a funny look on his face. The video started making its round online, eventually making its way to the pop star.

Britney has since deleted the post, but people love that she didn’t know who Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend is. “Obsessed with Britney Spears not knowing who Pete Davidson is. She really has found peace,” one person wrote on Twitter.

The singer is back on Instagram after taking a brief hiatus from the app, and she is back to her posting ways. Today she shared a gallery of screenshots explaining that she was thinking about getting a boob job and even went to a surgeon’s office. She then began venting about her conservatorship, saying she has never been more humiliated and embarrassed in her life. “My dad always told me I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun … It was humiliating.” She wrote.

The “Toxic” singer went on to say she was a victim of social objectification. “I am absolutely a victim to all of the societal objectification and exploitations that women are subjected to … I have bought into it myself at times,” she wrote.

“I personally believe people can be happy whether they are skinny, old, fat, whatever… if you are happy and have good energy, you are 100% attractive,” she added. Britney quoted herself in the caption, writing, “The hypotheses of real beauty isn’t the view itself, it’s rather the observer’s internal recognition.”