Shakira opens up about motherhood while being in the public eye

The singer plans on giving her two kids a normal life

Shakira is gearing up for the premiere of her upcoming movie Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour, which will take her millions of fans backstage with her as she prepared for her world tour. In the film, the singer will also share another important role in her life: mother. In an interview with Despierta America’s Alan Tacher, the star opened up about being a mom to her two boys Milan and Sasha while being a famous singer.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are the happy parents to two sons: Milan and Sasha, who have shown on previous ocassions that they carry their parents’ talent in their blood. Still, the singer and the soccer player try their best to give their children a normal life away from all the fame.

Shakira is the happiest with her family

“I try to give my kids a sense of normalcy within our lives,” she explained during her chat, conscious of the fact that being Shakira—the singer—isn’t easy to separate from her mom duties.

The Colombian singer explained that she greatly relies on her husband Gerard, and together, they try to guide their children through the best path. “It’s not easy to raise children when you’re someone in the spotlight, it’s one of our biggest challenges.

“It’s not easy to raise children when you’re someone in the spotlight, it’s one of our biggest challenges.”

Shakira also shared that she’d do anything for her children’s happiness. “I’m like any other mother. If I have I have to sell things in the school fair, I do it too,” she laughed.

On November 13, Shakira’s movie will premiere and the star is excited for fans to see her journey as she prepped for the the tour that has been the most special for her in her life.

Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour premieres November 13

El Dorado Tour was the first concert she did after having her two boys. During that time, she also suffered vocal cord damage, which caused her great pain. “I couldn’t even get out of bed from the sadness I felt because the voice for a singer is everything, it’s their identity, it’s like your skin. I never thought I could lose my voice,” she reflected on those months.

During that time, Shakira had to stay silent for hours on end to recover her voice. It was something that was very difficult considering her kids were four and two at the time and they couldn’t read. “I would tell the doctors: how can you tell me to stay quiet, I can’t, I have to continue to educate my kids,” she remembered.

Shakira is performing at the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime show

Fortunately, everything turned out fine and Shakira didn’t need to get surgery. The singer recovered and up next, she’s slated to make one of her dreams come true next year and peform alongside Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl Halftime show.

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