Jennifer Lopez and her mother
Mother-Daughter Bonds

Jennifer Lopez opens up about how quarantining has helped her relationship with her mother

The singer found the silver lining during a very trying time

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were one of the many celebrity couples that made it clear staying home was of the utmost importance. Since then, fans have been able to witness some of the very special moments that the couple has shared with their respective children JLo’s twins Emme and Max and A-Rod’s girls Ella and Natasha. Someone who was missing from the family photos and videos? Jennifer’s mom and Alex’s soon-to-be mother-in-law Guadalupe Rodríguez. But despite the distance, the actress and singer reveals that she has become even closer to her mother.

jlo arod ©@arod
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez set a great example as to what families should be doing during quarantine

As quarantine continues to extend, Jennifer has had to postpone some of her plans for the year, freeing up more of her always busy schedule. During a virtual interview with Jimmy Fallon, the singer opened up about how she and her mom didn’t used to talk much prior to the pandemic. “You know what? I didn’t used to call my mom very often before all of this,” explained the mamá-of-two. She admitted that the addition of the phone calls with her mom has helped her find more happiness within her life. She expressed, “Now, I’m going to call her every day, even after this ends, because I’ve been speaking to her every day.”

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Jennifer Lopez has become closer to her home Guadalupe Rodriguez since the pandemic started

But JLo isn’t the only one with a busy schedule, her mom also has her daily routines that also kept her quite occupied throughout the day pre-coronavirus pandemic. “She has her own thing in Atlantic City and I’m out, you know, working,” explained the actress. She admits that she will make it a point to not allow for their to be some much distance between the two post pandemic and will continue their daily routine that was established during quarantine. “When all of this is over and we all go back to work, whatever that new normal looks like, I want to keep doing it,” JLo happily said.

JLo and A-Rod©@jlo
JLo and A-Rod had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic

The difficulties of quarantine

Although she has the full support of her family, pending work and a fiancé that loves her, the quarantine has affected Jennifer on a very emotional level. The 50-year-old performer revealed that having to stay home has caused her a lot of anxiety due to her normally active lifestyle. “I’ve experienced a period of anxiety, which is really scary, due to the uncertainty of all of it,” expressed Dance Again singer. She also opened up about her wedding with A-Rod, sharing that due to the pandemic they had to postpone it for the time being.

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