J Balvin, Rojo
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J Balvin’s ‘Rojo’ video tells the tragic story of true love and fatherhood

Rojo is the latest single from his upcoming album Colores

J Balvin has the perfect – and tragic – love story. The Colombian superstar’s latest music video for his single Rojo dives into the heartbreak that sometimes comes with having a family. In the video (which could be its own novela) the musician returns from the road and excited about the birth of his daughter. On his way to the hospital, he’s killed in a car accident. J Balvin then spends the rest of the video making sure his wife and daughter find the perfect man and have a happily ever after.

J Balvin in Rojo video©Youtube
J Balvin’s latest video for Rojo was inspired by Ghost

In order to make sure that happens, the star literally scares away all of the men who aren’t good for the loves of his life. In the end, true love wins, and Jose can rest easy knowing that his ladies will be taken care of. J Balvin committed fully to the role, shaving his beard and doting gruesome makeup.

Prior to the single’s release, the Mi Gente singer opened up about the meaning and inspiration behind the visuals. “It’s about dying to have my kid and my girl and finally my girl has given birth to my little girl, and I die on my way to the hospital,” she shared in the BTS clip.

“It’s inspired by the movie Ghost and basically I’m there with my loved ones I want them to know that I’m taking care of them even though they don’t see me. It’s a story of true love.” He continued: “The video is so deep because it shows real love. At the end of the video I’m helping my wife to find the right guy to take care of my family it’s about being and selfish.”

Premiere of Rojo©Youtube
Rojo is from Balvin’s upcoming album Colores

Balvin’s single may be sad, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want the people to dance. “I’ve done a lot of different ballads before, but this one is nice because it’s something that you can dance to,” he said about the mid-tempo track. “You really can dance to it, party. It really has a strong message but at the same time people can like really to dance.” Colores is expected to be released this year.