Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winter talk IVF journey©@roselyn_sanchez
A powerful journey

Roselyn Sanchez shares personal IVF photo – talks how it affected her and Eric Winter’s marriage

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter are proud parents of Sebella and Dylan

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter got candid about their road to parenthood. The Grand Hotel actress took to her social media to promote the couple’s latest podcast episode where she revealed that they had a long road of IVF, ahead of becoming parents to their two children. “New episode of @hesaidelladijopodcast is out... our IVF journey... Very personal images, but since we are sharing our story fully, here you have my actual battle wounds with IVF while trying to get pregnant (this is nothing, there were much more). And the positive test! Dylan Gabriel was born and it was all worth it.”

Roselyn Sanchez, Eric Winter talk IVF©@roselyn_sanchez
Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter revealed that both of their children were conceived via IFF

Next to the caption was a photo of Roselyn’s bruises on top of a positive pregnancy test. The pair, who are parents to eight-year-old Sebella and two-year-old Dylan, revealed that their tough and expensive journey latest over five years. As a result, the pair joked that they were blessed with two of the “most expensive kids in the history of children.”

Roselyn shared that she started the process when she was 35 – after she and Eric had been married. “I realized that if I want to have kids, I better do it fast.” Roselyn and Eric noted that the first time around while trying to conceive their daughter, the process worked. A few years later, however, things did not go as smooth.

In the spirit of keeping it real, the pair revealed that not only does the process take a toll on the mother’s physical, mental and emotional health – dads are affected too. “If it takes beautiful,” she said. “If it doesn’t your body is bruised. You have to have a very solid relationship we know couples who don’t survive the process, because the women go crazy.”

Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter two children©@roselyn_sanchez
Roselyn and Eric are parents to Sebella and Dylan

Eric added: “It’s a brutal process on the male as well. It’s mentally draining because you want to be supportive and you’re being pushed away. It’s a very challenging time for couple.” Today, after wins and losses, the pair are proud of everything they have overcome.

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“It’s not easy it’s not fun, you don’t feel like yourself,” Roselyn shared. “Those 10 days waiting are brutal. You have to be ready, do a lot of praying a lot of meditation and go for it. I think motherhood is the most amazing experience in the world. I believe that it’s a beautiful thing.”

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