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Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s high school bullying was so bad she left America

The actress opened up about the hurtful time in her life in her new memoir, “Unfinished.”

Most of the time when we look at celebrities, we think their lives are perfect but that’s clearly not the case. Whether they overcame hurdles growing up or are dealing with the pressures of fam today, celebrities are people with emotions just like the rest of us. Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently opened up about a difficult time in her life in her new memoir, “Unfinished.”

In “Unfinished,” Chopra Jonas told about the racist bullying she experienced in her high school in Newton, Massachusetts. She said racist insults would be yelled at her down the hall.

“I took it very personally. Deep inside, it starts gnawing at you,” she said.

“I went into a shell. I was like, ‘Don’t look at me. I just want to be invisible. My confidence was stripped. I’ve always considered myself a confident person, but I was very unsure of where I stood, of who I was,” the actress said.

“I don‘t even blame the city, honestly,” she said. ”I just think it was girls who, at that age, just want to say something that’ll hurt. Now, at the other side of 35, I can say that it probably comes from a place of them being insecure. But at that time, I took it very personally.”

Eventually, the insults and hurtful comments got so bad that a young Chopra Jonas returned to India to finish her schooling. “I was so blessed that when I went back to India, I was surrounded by so much love and admiration for who I was. Going back to India healed me after that experience in high school.”

“In America, I was trying not to be different. Right? I was trying to fit in and I wanted to be invisible. When I went to India, I chose to be different,” Chopra Jonas went on to say in her book.

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