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Priyanka Chopra is sharing her untold story in her new memoir ‘Unfinished’

The actress is prepared to “drop the curtain” and share her vulnerabilities, opening up about every aspect of her life in the long awaited project.

Priyanka Chopra had a “very productive” quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now that she finally finished her memoir, as she has been working on the project for the last two years, however her schedule would always get in the way.

The actress confessed that it seemed like “the right time to introspect on my life, that was my reason for writing the book,“ adding that she initially thought that naming the memoir “Unfinished” wasn’t the best decision because, “it took me two years to finish it!”

The 38-year-old Hollywood star who married Nick Jonas in 2018 has spent the lockdown in Los Angeles with her husband, and found time to work on her writing as the couple adapted to a new routine, “after my workout when it‘s quiet, and Nick’s busy doing his thing.“

She also shares why this is such a meaningful project, confessing that she had “to push against the norm a lot through my whole life,” adding that the release for the memoir is set for January 19th and that she is ready to “drop the curtain and share my vulnerabilities,” after building “walls” that kept her life “very private.”

Priyanka opens up about every aspect of her life in the long awaited project, having to do a long investigation, involving interviews with her family, friends from childhood, and even her teachers, with the purpose of delivering a well-structured story that described her journey in life.

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