Alex Lequio Jr.

Álex Lequio, son of Spanish actress, Ana Obregón and husband Alessandro Lequio dies at 27

Aless Lequio is remembered for his joyful and entrepreneurial spirit


Álex Lequio, the son of Spanish actress Ana Obregón and the Italian aristocrat Alessandro Lequio, has died at the age of 27 due to cancer. After two years of fighting against the illness, Álex was admitted to a clinic in Barcelona where he stayed for a little more than a month. According to our sister website, ¡Hola! Spain, during those weeks, his parents did not leave his side while he received a new treatment.

Alex Lequio Jr., Ana Obregón y Alessandro Lequio©@alessandrolequiojr
Álex Lequio passed away at 27 after a long battle with cancer

During that time, Álex also received a visit from his girlfriend, Carolina, with whom he had a very private relationship for almost a year. The family never lost hope and was very optimistic, which greatly encouraged the young man in his fight against the illness.

Remembered as a joyous person, a funny man and an entrepreneur, Alex had a very promising future based on two important pillars in his life: his family and his business. His mother has prioritized her son‘s health in recent years and had to cancel several theatrical performances to stay on top of his well-being.

Alex Lequio y su madre, Ana Obregón©@alessandrolequiojr
His mother, Spanish actress Ana Obregón, was with him until the end

The young businessman spent seven months admitted to the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center hospital in New York and was following his medical guidelines in Barcelona, with an expected duration of three months. According to a Spanish publication, the “very innovative” treatment to which he was undergoing comes from this same American center.

A tireless worker and always in search of new horizons, he began to pursue his dream at the age of 17, when he went to study at Duke University (North Carolina), where he completed two degrees, Political Science and Philosophy. However, professional success, carved with effort and a lot of dedication, came to him in the field of digital marketing.

At the end of 2015, at the age of 23, he founded his own agency called Polar Marketing. “I am a very active and very creative person who likes to continue creating new ideas,” he assured.

Álex Lequio Jr.©@alessandrolequiojr
Alex graduated with a degree in digital marketing

In 2016, he launched Celebrize, a private platform on Polar Marketing where celebrities and influencers alike could find well-known venues and brands that made services and products available to them for free in exchange for advertising.

This is how Alex will be remembered. He’ll forever be reckoned as someone with integrity, a great sense of humor, and great generosity, which he showed by sending support to all those who, like him, were going through a similar situation.

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