Caitlyn Jenner is sharing her journey with viewers in her new TV show, I am Cait, an eight-part, one-hour documentary series that will show her new life as a transgender woman.

The clip opens with the star speaking from the heart, saying, "How many people just waste their entire life because they never deal with themselves to be who they are?”

This sneak peek at I Am Cait comes just days after the release of the Vanity Fair cover story in which Caitlyn – previously known as Bruce Jenner, Olympic athlete and quiet father figure on Keeping Up With the Kardashians – proudly introduced herself, and her beautiful new exterior, to the world for the first time. Her new image was so spectacular that step-son Rob Kardashian didn't even recognize her.

Caitlyn speaks of the pressure she feels from society as a woman Photo: E!

After the stunning cover was revealed, and likely by popular demand, her glam squad revealed the secrets to her glamorous look. In the I Am Cait clip, Caitlyn is seen in a pink bathrobe applying makeup as she talks about feeling the stresses of having a sudden new focus on her looks. “You start learning the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance,” she says, before joking about the wonders of professional makeup artists.

Later in the one-minute snippet of the show, as Caitlyn goes off-roading in Malibu with friends, she looks at the natural landscape and muses, "Look at that – isn't it great that someday you'll be normal, just blending in to society?" A fellow passenger points out, "You are normal" – to which she smiles and replies, "Put it this way... I'm the new normal!"

"I'm the new normal," she says in the clip from her upcoming show Photo: Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz

She's had lots of support from friends and fans, with some rallying to have her featured on a Wheaties box, as medal-winning Bruce had done in the 1970s. While the cereal brand's rep declined to discuss any marketing plans, brand media relations manager at General Mills, told The Hollywood Reporter: "Bruce Jenner has been a respected member of Team Wheaties, and Caitlyn Jenner will continue to be."

Caitlyn may just have a future career as a spokeswoman as one rumor that emerged was that Caitlyn would be the next face of MAC cosmetics. The beauty company responded, also to THR, saying in a statement: "We are inspired by Caitlyn Jenner, her personal journey and we admire her courage and beauty. We have not signed Caitlyn as a spokesperson for MAC."

I Am Cait premieres on Sunday, July 26 on E!

Watch the promo clip below:

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