Andi Dorfman Celebrates Tinkerbelle The Dog's Birthday

Pet of the week: Watch this dog’s adorable reaction to surprise birthday party

The owners also made a five course meal for his fifth birthday, including a teddy bear birthday cake.

Our pets are always giving us a reason to smile, especially when they are happy and excited about something.

And if you have ever thought about throwing a surprise party for your furry friend, this is totally a sign to make it happen, just watch the sweet reaction of this adorable dog named Bentley after noticing he was the guest of honor.

Bentley’s reaction went viral on TikTok with 7.9 million views and 1.5 million views. The video captioned “highly recommended throwing a surprise birthday party for your dog,” shows the mini doodle entering his apartment with all his human friends reunited for the special celebration.

Their owners wrote “he had NO idea,” with people commenting about how happy Bentley looks after seeing everyone cheering for him, as they also had prepared a special cake just for him.

The owners also made a five course meal for his fifth birthday, posting another TikTok that shows him eating the first course, “a peanut butter birthday message,” the second course, “a bear made out of cheese,” the third course, “a tennis ball shaped egg,” a fourth course, “pet plate” and the final course, “a teddy bear birthday cake.”

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