Cantera 5v5 docuseries©Courtesy of Gatorade/Pepsi

Young latino athletes take on the ultimate soccer tournament, for the chance to win big

The epic docu-series follows the lives of five young athletes as they go for the gold.

Soccer isn’t just a sport, it is a way of life. The discipline and drive needed on the field always seems to transfer into the lives of the athletes, something that is very visible in the Cantera 5v5 docu-series. This fútbol series follows the lives of five youths from five different countries who are competing in the Gatorade 5v5 Soccer Tournament, an annual five-on-five tournament for teens within the 14 to 16-year-old range which runs across both the Americas, Asia and Europe. The series will be five episodes long and will delve into the lives of five tenacious young athletes coming from around the world. Viewers will get the chance to see the steadfast passion and sacrifices that the young athletes have had to undertake, along with behind-the-scenes action of the tournament at large.

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This epic docu-series sets out to follow the lives of Yahya Sabbar (Italy), Rodrigo Alpizar (Mexico), Gisela Robledo Gil (Colombia), Daniel Zabala (Argentina), and Flavia Alonso De Carvalho (Brazil) as the young athletes show us the level of grit that it takes to become a world champion. "The stories in 'Cantera 5v5' powerfully capture the impact of the Gatorade 5v5 Soccer Tournament in fueling the next generation of athletes. Through the partnership with All Rise Films and the PepsiCo Content Studio, these five featured athletes have their stories told as a representation of the tens of thousands of the athletes who have competed in the tournament," said Mark Kirkham, VP & GM, Sports Nutrition & Juice, Global Beverages, PepsiCo.

The series was produced in partnership with critically acclaimed and award-winning directors Jeff and Michael Zimbalist of All Rise Films and the PepsiCo Content Studio.

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