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These celebs could become inspirational speakers in the blink of an eye!

Follow these stars' accounts to get your daily dose of motivation

It is a well-known fact that Hollywood’s hottest names and television’s most familiar faces had some bizarre jobs growing up. As the popular phrase of “struggling actor” states, many actors in L.A. or New York City find it very hard to break through Hollywood’s many barriers and land the roles that will skyrocket their career. Passion and determination are must-have qualities in order to succeed.

But “making it” does not end there. How many one-hit wonders have we known about? Or stars that lasted just a few years on the spotlight - or as it's most famously quoted, "their 15 minutes of fame are up!" - after being taken down because of a scandal, or a bad movie performance? Many celebrities who have managed to stay on track and make their career in Hollywood often use their voices to make a positive impact in the world and not just with charity donations or activist work, but also by using the power of their voices on social media, inviting people to be themselves and encouraging them to stay mentally focused. Check out the video below for some of the stars' most inspirational posts!

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Roselyn Sanchez and Viola Davis usually make headlines for their great performances on screen, but they could easily make a career shift and become successful inspirational speakers. Roselyn's social media is a blend of animal and human love. The Puerto Rican star often posts about her family, animals, workouts and inspiration for others. Viola Davis, too, shared inspiration online, reminding us to be mindful of our actions, take care of our bodies and she also challenged her followers to become the best versions of themselves.

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