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Organize the perfect dinner party in 3 easy steps

Small details make a difference. From the menu to the music, these tips will make your life easier

Being the perfect hostess is something you can achieve very, very easily. You can test your skills organizing a dinner party at home with friends and rest assured, following these simple steps, you will become Martha Steward's biggest rival! Remember that the menu is, of course, important, but also creating a nice atmosphere and setting up a lovely table will also add up. Get ready to organize a chic soirée that everybody will remember.

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You choose: minimalist or rustic? both are the season’s most popular decoration styles for your table

1. Theme and decor

The first thing you should consider is if you will be having a themed party. They are usually easier to organize as the theme will help you to choose the menu and the decoration. It can even help you in setting up a range of colors to follow, plus, they are so much fun. If you prefer to keep everything low-key and skip crazy themes, minimalist or rustic tables are on-trend, (they always are!), so you can get inspired by nature.

Think about natural materials. Combine wood and linen with porcelain or colored glass for the plates, glassware, and centerpieces on the main dinner table and also on the welcome cocktail's station. Regarding colors, bear in mind white, black, navy blue, beige are super elegant and combine very well with greenery no matter if you dine inside or al fresco.

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Use different trays or serving platters to serve your meal and create multiple focal points on the table

2. Sophisticated menu

It's a fact: the menu is the most important part of your dinner party. Of course, the options are endless, but the classic appetizers, main courses, and desserts are must-haves. You should also include vegetarian dishes or small bites for those who may have food allergies, so they have plenty of options to choose from.

Depending on your cooking skills, the recipes can be simple but effective – like deviled eggs or mini grilled cheese sandwiches – or more complex, like Asian-inspired options or meat and fish-based dishes. Remember that presentation is key, so try to serve each course using eye-catching dishes and platters and place them in the middle of the table so that everyone can reach them easily.

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The wine selection is just as important as the menu. You can serve whites, reds, and rosés

3. Wine: the gourmet element

The wine is crucial so if you aren’t an expert, ask for help in your local shop, if you tell them about your menu, they will surely have good suggestions to surprise your guests. When serving wine at a dinner party, you typically start with the lightest wines followed by the full-bodied ones for the main courses and finally, sweet, fruity ones for dessert.

White, red or rosé? During a dinner party, it’s fine to serve all three, just keep in mind the menu, as well as the temperature of the wine and the respective glasses to pour them. Here is an additional tip: it’s better to keep a couple of extra bottles on hand instead of having to run out last-minute because you miscalculated the amount needed for the night.

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