Sanguich De Miami©Courtesy of Sanguich De Miami

Celebrate National Lobster Day with these mouthwatering recipes from Latinx chefs

The chefs are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Luke's Lobster.

Imagine being able to eat a delicious Maine Lobster Roll while also helping with the improvement your local community. Starting September 25, which also happens to be National Lobster Day (yum!), you can do just that. This year, marks the 10 year anniversary of Luke’s Lobster, a seafood staple that provides traceable, sustainable seafood to millions of guests across the country (currently has shacks within ten U.S. states as well as Japan and Taiwan).

To celebrate their milestone year, they are teaming up with culinary powerhouses like Chef José Andrés of The Bazaar and Chefs Danny Figueredo and Rosa Romero of Sanguich De Miami. Each of the chefs will team up with Luke’s and put their own unique spin on the oh-so-classic Maine Lobster Roll.

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Sanguich De Miami, known for serving the good people of Miami with authentic Cuban sandwiches, is serving up their version of the lobster roll with an enchilado flair. They’ve created an Enchilado de Langosta: Lobster with a Warm Tomato Chili Sauce in a Cuban Bread Bowl. They incorporated a super secret family recipe sofrito (aka liquid gold) with some deliciously fresh lobster chunks then pouring all of that goodness into a bread bowl (**fans self**). You can see in the above video how much love is poured into their delicious roll which is having proceeds donated to the National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightment charity.

Chef José Andrés lobster roll©Courtesy of Chef José Andrés
A portion of the proceeds for Chef José's roll will go to benefit World Central Kitchen

Next up on this culinary celebration of lobster and Luke, is Chef José Andrés’ version of the classic sandwich. Chef Jose brought his signature Spanish style to the dish and created a Lobster Roll w/ Pimenton Aioli and Piparra Peppers, sending us into a foodie frenzy. There are a total of 11 chefs teaming up with Luke’s Lobster shack across the U.S. in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland (Maine) and Washington D.C.

The celebration kicks off on September 25 and runs through October 31 at all participating Luke’s Lobster shacks. October 1 is their official anniversary date and the first ten guests get a free roll. But in case you can’t make it out to go see Luke (or he’s not in your city yet), we’ve included the extra delicious recipe for Chef José Andrés’ roll below. Enjoy!

For the Pimenton Aioli:


4 tsp mayo

1/8 tsp smoked paprika pimenton


- Combine the mayo and smoked paprika pimenton and stir to fully combine.

- Transfer the aioli to a single-tip squeeze bottle.

For the Lobster Roll:


1 split-top bun

1/2 tblsp melted butter

4 oz chilled Luke's Lobster knuckle and claw meat

4 tsp pimenton aioli

4 Piparra peppers, drained and stems removed


- Brush the outside of the bun with butter, and toast each side on a flat-top until golden brown.

- Fill the toasted bun with 4 oz chilled lobster knuckle and claw meat.

- Stick 4 peppers upright (stem side down) into gaps between lobster meat, zig-zagging along the lobster meat.

- Using a single-tip squeeze bottle, add a dime-size dot of pimenton aioli at the base of each pepper.

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