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This international day of the girl be a part of the latest viral challenge

HOLA! USA and Monica Ramirez are teaming up for the Bandana Project

October 11 is not just any ordinary day. It’s International Day of the Girl — a day that shines a light on the challenges girls face around the world. To commemorate this day, HOLA! USA is joining forces with activist Mónica Ramírez, who you may recognize from sparking the Time’s Up Movement and Querida Familia Letter with America Ferrera, Diane Guerrero,Eva Longoria and more leading ladies.

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Mónica launched the Bandana Project in 2007 to help protect female farmworkers

The art activism project, launched by Monica in 2007, uses white bandanas as a symbol of solidarity with farmworker women and girls who have to deal with sexual harassment on a daily basis when planting and picking the food we eat. The civil rights attorney and activist specifically chose the bandana as the symbol of this movement because of its functionality. These farmworkers use them to cover their mouths and noses to prevent breathing fumes and other hazardous chemicals as well as a way to protect themselves from unwanted attention.

Monica Ramirez Bandana Project©HOLA! USA!
Bandanas are decorated with empowering words and messages

As we honor International Day of the Girl, we want to challenge you to create your own bandana as a visible demonstration of your support for farmworker women and girls. The project encourages allies like you to bring out their inner artivists by decorating bandanas with motivational statements, words of encouragement or beautiful artwork. You don’t need to be Picasso to participate; you just need markers and to want to uplift others with a small act of kindness. Feeling inspired? Watch the video to learn more about the Bandana Project.

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Ready to join the Bandana Project Challenge? This powerful initiative to support these women and girls is open to all our readers and is super easy to participate! Here's exactly how to do it:

1. Accept the challenge and order your own kit. It's free and fun! To get started, head over to the Justice for Migrant Women website and fill out the Become a Bandana Partner link.

2: Get creative! Once you receive your bandanas, unleash your creativity and decorate your bandana to show your support for farmworker women and girls.

3) Invite your friends and family to join the Bandana Project challenge! Once you've done your part be sure to challenge three people to make their own pieces of art. Don't forget to hashtag #BandanaProjectChallenge and #HOLAUSAxBandanaProject so everyone can see your beautiful creations.

4) Mail your bandana to so that it can be gifted as a token of love and support to women and girls working our fields.

If you are unable to decorate a bandana but still want to join the cause, you can do so by donating to Monica’s mission here.

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