It's no secret royals travel in style. Monaco's Louis Ducruet documented his and Marie Chevallier’s travels on an Emirates flight to Dubai on his Instagram account. In the story, Princess Stephanie's son and fiancée both look fresh-faced while snuggling close. While airplane travel usually doesn’t bode well on anyone’s complexion or overall glam, they made this lengthy trip seem like a day at the spa. With summer vacation well underway, we also want you to arrive to your destination looking and feeling as good as before take-off. (We’ve all seen those Jennifer Aniston for Emirates commercials!) Aside from stowing away larger devices and buckling up when in your seat, there is so much more to be learned about life at 40,000 feet, especially when it comes to beauty.

Louis and Marie flew Emirates to Dubai Photo: Instagram/@louisducruet

During our own trip to Dubai, we gathered the best tips from Emirates’ Cabin Crew during a visit to the flight school that ranged from how to keep your hair intact to achieving the perfect glow without feeling oily. After all, these flight attendants are up in the sky daily to over 150 destinations worldwide whether they are en route to Athens, Milan, New York or South Africa.


Complexion: Hydration is key. “We constantly remind each other to drink water.” Another best practice is to avoid alcohol and caffeine since they cause dehydration and opt for fruit juice. Consuming liquid is a must but also splashing it on your face at least once per flight can help. “This will help to wash off grease and oils and rehydrate the skin.” Lastly, using face sprays like the Aloe Revital Skin Mist from Innis Free will also keep skin glowing.

Kiki Keerati is a part of the Emirates Cabin Crew and knows a thing or two about beauty regimen up in the air Photo: Instagram/@kikikeerati

Hair care: A long flight doesn’t mean hair needs to get messed up. “In order to prevent your hair from falling flat, use an inflatable neck pillow. If you have forgotten one, ask for a blanket and roll it into a shape that fits comfortably around your neck.” Pulling hair in a braid, bun or pony tail will also help tame your locks. A final hair tip utilized by them has to do with hair static. “Rub a drop of water on your hands and smooth over your hair. You can also use a pea-sized amount of hand cream or lip gloss to smooth down fly aways.”


Overall well-being: By the end of a flight, it’s safe to say your shoes, clothes and rings would usually be snug. “Avoid sodium in processed snacks such as chips and pretzels to keep you from bloating on board. Water based foods like fruits and raw vegetables will not only keep you hydrated and prevent puffiness, but they will also give you the added boost of important antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.” Grab nuts instead which contain anti-inflammatory fats that will fill you up longer.

You don't need to fly first class to make your flight feel like a spa Photo: Emirates

Glam: Pre-landing, it’s natural to want to touch up before exiting so opt for mineral-based make-up products if you don’t plan to remove it all together. “Upon landing, apply a tinted moisturizer to your cheeks, fix your eye brows and apply Chapstick or lip gloss. Cream-based makeup infuses your skin with moisture and won’t leave powder all over your bag.” Lastly, avoid waterproof mascaras as this will dry out the lashes on board.”

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