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Why is Saffron considered a hero ingredient for hair health?

The world’s most costly spice by weight has been used for its rich nutrient properties.

For many, Saffron is just an expensive spice used mainly as a seasoning and coloring agent in foods like khoresh, Milanese risotto, paella, bouillabaisse, biryani, and more. However, according to Shiva Tavakoli, Founder of JOON Haircare, it is a powerful haircare ingredient. Saffron has a long history of use in traditional medicine, but throughout Persian history, the world’s most costly spice by weight has been used for its rich nutrient properties.

“Saffron, a spice worth more than its weight in gold, is used to strengthen hair with an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamins B & C, and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, and magnesium, to name a few,” said Tavakoli. The expert also suggests that chemical damage, and dry scalp, figure among the factors that make our hair look dry and dull. Still, thanks to Saffron’s powerful antioxidants, we can combat dryness by nourishing and moisturizing the hair. Due to its remarkable nutrients, Saffron also helps promote hair growth and has been used in DIY recipes to treat alopecia for a long time.

Crocus sativus with Saffron©Photo by Mehdi Torabi on Unsplash
The world’s most costly spice by weight has been used for its rich nutrient properties.

Brother and sister duo Shiva and Kayvon Tavakoli found inspiration in their roots and how their grandmother merged unique spices from her kitchen. Now, using science from their father’s haircare laboratory, traditional recipes, and Persian beauty secrets passed down from generation to generation, they were able to formulate a haircare line that taps into natural ingredients like Saffron, Pistachio, and Rose.

Curious of all the fantastic benefits of Saffron and Joon, HOLA! USA got all the scoop on how we all can give a potent boost of bounce, shine, and overall health to our hair.

HOLA! USA: How have cuisine and science merged to create the product?
Shiva Tavakoli:
“In America, we often hear people say, ‘You are what you eat.’ In Persian Culture, our mothers tell us, ‘Food is your medicine!’ You see, although having food is an individual need, food is a social issue. For Persians, the food is not just a meal but rather a culture in which they use food to heal the body while expressing identity, community, values, status, power, artistry, and creativity. That’s why Persian immigrants bring food with them wherever they go because cooking is a way of preserving history and culture that has spanned thousands of years each time they move to new places.

Iranian cooking is heir to no less than two and a half thousand years of saffron- and rosewater-scented history. The ingredients we have chosen to use in JOON products represent some of the most important, culturally significant, ‘essentially Persian’ herbs and spices that have been used by hundreds of generations. The foods of the courts of ancient Persia included perfumed stews, herb-infused rice, tender roasted meats, and elaborately stuffed fruits and vegetables all flavored or garnished with saffron, pistachio, cinnamon, mint, rose, and pomegranate — dishes that have influenced the cooking of countries all over the world.

For centuries, Persian women have shared their cuisine with the world while secretly including these very same ingredients in their beauty rituals, skincare, and medicine.
These closely guarded ‘family secrets’ were passed down from mother to daughter, secrets my grandmother shared with me in her kitchen. In honor of Persian women throughout history, JOON Haircare has decided to share those ‘family secrets’ by taking those herbs and spices out of the kitchen, learning to extract their most powerful properties, and creating haircare products which heal the hair in the same ways that Persian cooking heals the body and the spirit.”

Which type of hair could benefit the most from Saffron and Joon?
“Saffron is used everywhere in Persian cooking, flavoring entrées, desserts, and rice with its unmistakable flavor and scent. When used for hair care, Saffron’s antioxidant properties prevent hair loss, purify the scalp and pores, promotes healthy hair growth, and repairs damaged hair. It is no wonder Saffron is the most expensive spice globally and worth more than its weight in gold. Fortunately, a little goes a long way. The same is true of JOON Saffron Hair Elixir - perfect for all hair types, adding just a few drops to your daily hair care regime will detangle, moisturize, repair, prevent heat/styling damage, defrizz, and add shine to hair.”

When can consumers start noticing the results?
“Consumers will notice results the moment JOON Saffron Hair Elixir touches the hair strand. Within seconds, hair becomes noticeably softer, less tangled, smoother, and shinier. The benefits become even more noticeable over time as Joon’s antioxidant and reparatory properties have the opportunity to make changes to the chemistry of the hair strand itself. Used over time, consumers will find their hair is healthier, shinier, and frizz-free.”

Are the ingredients from Joon sourced responsibly and sustainably?
“As we move toward a more sustainable world, JOON Haircare, like many other small businesses, recognizes the limitations of relying on sustainability certifications to ensure ethical practices at their sourcing origins. Instead, we move toward a more transparent supply chain and develop solutions by engaging directly with farmers through training, education, and collaborative initiatives. Whenever possible, JOON Haircare works to remove unnecessary intermediaries and buy directly from farmers or small collective groups. This increases the efficiency of the supply chain and allows farmers to access better prices. As a small, woman-owned, family-run business ourselves, we make every effort to recognize the fundamental, though often hidden, role women play on farms and the supply chain. As a company, we fully support every initiative we can to address equal access for women to improve their quality of life and continue their quest for gender equality.”

In June 2020, JOON began making a monthly donation to Color of Change to support the Black Lives Matter movement. All profits from the JOONCap go towards PBA’s COVID Relief Fund to help hairstylists struggling financially. All JOON products are color-safe, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan.

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