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Christian Siriano has a Project Runway like challenge after Oscars gowns get ‘ruined’

A nightmare

Christian Siriano had a designer’s nightmare come true after a pipe burst in his studio, raining down water. It happened six days before the prestigious Academy Awards on March 12, during which Siriano will be dressing many celebrities for the red carpet.
The Project Runway winner shared a video on Monday of water coming down through his large studio. “When it’s 6 days before the Oscars and it’s raining in my studio because a pipe burst… hope these gowns are okay,” he wrote on the video.

Siriano revealed in the caption that thankfully only of a few dresses were ruined, but showed his frustration by writing “WORST EVER.” With the Oscars just days away, the designer had to get to work, making an impromptu studio. He shared a video showing his team hard at work writing “This is our studio this week I guess. “Wow wow.”

Fans couldn’t help but make light jokes in the comments. “I don’t remember this challenge in Project Runway,” wrote one user. “I can almost hear Tim Gun whispering “make it work,” added another.

There were also many people supporting the designer with encouraging comments. “Siriano, let me remind you of your genius, you created an entire collection in your tiny NYC apartment for the Bryant Park Project Runway fashion show and went on to win with the most amazing fashions I’d ever seen to date! Release the stress and work that genius magic we all know that lives in you! I’m even more excited now to see the red carpet Siriano fashions! They are gonna slayyyyyy!!!” Commented a sweet fan.

Siriano has dressed many stars since he became the youngest Project Runway winner in 2017. But there is one star he still has on his list. “I will tell you, there’s one actress who I have not dressed, and that’s Cate Blanchett,” he told Page Six Style this year. “So I need to get on it. But I don’t ever try [to force it], I just let it happen. You send a dress, and you hope it works out!”

The luxury women’s brand owner must have gotten everything under control because the next day he head to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his partner Kyle Smith. He shared a TikTok video aboard the flight with United.

@christiansiriano Thank you @united for getting us to Cabo in fabulous style! 💙✈️ #UnitedAirlines♬ original sound - Christian Siriano

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