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Christian Nodal


New Music Friday: Christian Nodal, Eminem, Lana Del Rey and Quavo, and more

Let's get groovy

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
JULY 5, 2024 1:11 PM EDT

Happy Friday! The weekend is here, and so is our weekly round-up of new music. Discover the perfect tracks to add to your summer playlist, featuring a mix of genres from A-list names and up-and-coming artists.

1. Christian Nodal - No Me 100to Bien

Christian Nodal is one of the most talked about names right now following his confirmation that he is dating Angela Aguilar. The Mexican singer remains unbothered, releasing hit after hit. This week, he released "No Me 100to Bien, " his second single off his upcoming album due this summer. The soft mariachi string ballad is paired with subtle Charchetas & Tololoche as he sings about the pain of a lost love. 

Christian Nodal - No Me 100to Bien

2. Aitana - 4TO 23

Aitana, who is in the middle of her tour, releases "4TO 23." The upbeat pop track goes in unexpected directions, making for an entertaining listen. Her fans are calling it the song of the summer on social media. It comes with a well-produced music video starring the Spanish singer. 

Aitana - 4TO 23

3. Eminem - Tobey (feat. Big Sean & Babytron)

Eminem's upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce), is due next week on July 12. The second single off the highly anticipated release is "Tobey" featuring Big Sean and Babytron. Trending number 3 on YouTube and with over 5 million views in two days, fans of the legendary rapper are enjoying this new era. 

Eminem - Tobey (feat. Big Sean & Babytron)

4. Tiago PZK, Manuel Turizo - De Vuelta

Tiago PZK and Manuel Turizo come together for "De Vuelta." The feel-good track is off Tiago's sophomore album, GOTTI A. The merengue number shows off their unique vocals and is perfect for summer. It comes with a fun music video starring the Argentine rapper and Colombian singer.

Tiago PZK, Manuel Turizo - De Vuelta

5. Childish Gambino - Lithonia

After calling out the BET Awards and announcing his final album, 'Bando Stone & The New World," Childish Gambino releases the first single, "Lithonia." It's a beautiful and powerful track that should get fans excited about what's coming on the album due July 19. 

Childish Gambino - Lithonia

6. Sandro Malandro - Quiéreme

Mexican rapper Sandro Malandro is back with the release of his self-titled debut album “SANDRO.” The focus track “Quiéreme” is a contemporary jazz-funk piece with a refreshing sound as he sings about the desire to be loved. 

Sandro Malandro - Quiéreme

7. Quavo, Lana Del Rey - Tough

After teasing their collaboration for weeks, Quavo and Lana Del Rey release the dreamy track, "Tough." It comes with a music video starring the artists as lovers, which has fans wondering if they're dating,

Quavo, Lana Del Rey - Tough

8. Baby Yors - Bombon

Argentine artist Baby Yors releases his pop album AMERICANO. The focus track, "Bombon" blends his Latin roots with modern American influence and is a fresh and funky ride. “This album is a seed that was planted as soon as I stepped into the US for the first time 14 years ago. It’s about transformation, adapting to a new environment, and finding my own home and chosen family," he told HOLA!. 


9. Caleb Calloway, Cloonee, Alvaro Díaz - PE$O

Puerto Rican DJ Caleb Calloway gets electric with the help of Cloonee and Alvaro Diaz. The tech-house banger is perfect for the summer dance floor. 

Caleb Calloway, Cloonee, Alvaro Díaz - PE$O

10. Kesha - JOYRIDE

Kesha marks her independence with her new single, "JOYRIDE." The pop hit celebrates her freedom as an independent artist, ushering in a new era for the singer and promises a carefree "Kesha Summer" ahead.