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Anya Taylor-Joy’s ‘Furiosa’ has a 15-minute action scene that shows her character’s growth

Taylor-Joy discussed the taxing scene in a new interview

Anya Taylor-Joy has never made a movie like “Furiosa.” The project, directed by George Miller, is an action packed ambitious project that contains a 15-minute action scene that encapsulates her character’s growth.

CinemaCon 2024 - Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation©GettyImages
Anya Taylor Joy in CinemaCon

Taylor-Joy discussed the scene with the magazine Total Film, revealing that the scene was dubbed in production as “Stairway to Nowhere.”

“George and I would have these big conversations about why this particular set-piece was so long,” she said. “It’s because you see an accumulation of skills over the course of a battle, and that’s very important for understanding how resourceful Furiosa is, but also her grit. It’s the longest sequence any of us have ever shot. On the day we finished, everybody got a ‘Stairway to Nowhere’ wine!”

The producer of the film, Doug Mitchell, who’s collaborated with Miller previous times over his career, revealed that the scene took them over two months to complete. He let it slip that the film contains a “one 15-minute sequence which took us 78 days to shoot” and required 200 stunt people.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s driving skills

Taylor-Joy has revealed that while she did a lot of driving stunts for the film, she still doesn’t have a license. In an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” Taylor-Joy shared a clip of herself completing some driving stunts, something that she’s immensely proud of. “I don’t have a license, I can’t parallel-park, I can’t go on the highway,” she said. “I still don’t have one, but I can do that. At some point that will come in handy, I’m assuming.”

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