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How to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on TV

This means everyone can experience the magic of the total solar eclipse from their home

On Monday, April 8th, a total solar eclipse will be visible in North America. This rare celestial event is a must-see, but not everyone will have the chance to witness it in person. Luckily, CNN is offering comprehensive live coverage of the eclipse on television, streaming, and digital platforms. This means everyone can experience the magic of the total solar eclipse from their home.

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From 1-4 p.m. ET, the multinational news channel will host a special live presentation on various platforms, including CNN News Central with Brianna Keilar and Boris Sanchez, CNN International, and CNN Max with Richard Quest and Rahel Solomon. For Spanish-speaking audiences, Rey Rodriguez will report live from Mazatlán, Mexico, bringing the eclipse experience directly to viewers through Mirador Mundial.

The extensive coverage continues beyond there

With cameras and drones strategically positioned along the eclipse’s path, including Mexico and throughout the United States, viewers will have access to unparalleled visuals. Even from the skies, as the platform broadcasts from a Delta Air Lines “Path of Totality” flight, every angle of this celestial spectacle will be captured.

To ensure viewers stay informed, meteorologists Chad Myers, Allison Chinchar, and Elisa Raffa will provide real-time updates on weather conditions crucial for eclipse viewing. Derek Van Dam will contribute to the broadcast on location in Vermont, adding a local perspective.

FOX Weather, the weather service of FOX News Media, will also have special solar eclipse coverage on April 8. FOX Weather correspondents and meteorologists will report from almost ten different cities across the United States where the eclipse will be visible. During the eclipse, Stephen Morgan and Kendall Smith will anchor live coverage from Dallas and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, respectively. FOX News correspondents and multimedia reporters will report live from different cities across the arc of the eclipse, from Texas to Vermont.

A multiscreen viewing experience will be set up on Sixth Avenue outside the network’s New York City headquarters so that people can enjoy the live coverage. FOXWeather.com will feature forecasts, popular events coinciding with the eclipse, and other unique content explaining the eclipse. FOX Weather will also support other FOX News Media platforms throughout the day.

But it’s not just about live coverage

CNN Digital will offer a multi-hour livestream and extensive event coverage at CNN.com/Eclipse. Photography by Sarah Silbiger, captured at the Amistad National Recreational Area, will provide breathtaking visuals, offering a glimpse into the eclipse experience for those unable to witness it in person.

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When and Where?

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 will grace the skies over North America, beginning its journey over the South Pacific Ocean. It will land in Mexico, traversing the United States and extending into Canada. The eclipse is set to start over Mexico’s Pacific coast at approximately 11:07 a.m. PDT, with the path of totality entering the United States through Texas. From there, it will sweep through states, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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