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Gianluca Vacchi releases new club anthem ‘Sombrerito Blanco’ featuring Colombian singer Martina Camargo

This track is infused with irresistible tech house beats and Latin-flavored percussion

Gianluca Vacchi unleashes his scorching new single, “Sombrerito Blanco.“ This track, infused with irresistible tech house beats, dives deep into the club scene, intoxicatingly blending sub-bass and Latin-flavored percussion with the captivating vocals of Colombian singer Martina Camargo. The result is a wave-making revamp of her eponymous song. Initially teased as an ID track, the highly anticipated “Sombrerito Blanco” officially lands on Spinnin‘ Records.

Building upon Camargo’s original vocals, Gianluca infuses the song with infectious dance floor energy. Masterfully blending sultry hooks with tension-building tech house beats, intricate percussion, and powerful synth stabs, he crafts an irresistible allure.

Gianluca Vacchi©Dennison Bertram

As the track breaks down, surrender to the irresistible drop, which hits hard with ominous synth chords and thunderous drum crescendos. This is the signature Vacchi sound—intense, fiery, and irresistibly catchy, transforming any dance floor into a groovy affair.

Now armed with a “little white hat,” Vacchi is set to ignite the mood. He knows it—the groove is on his side, perfectly timed to set the stage for this summer’s festivals and beach parties. This “Sombrerito Blanco” is not just a fashion statement; it’s a musical journey that will captivate listeners.

Gianluca Vacchi©Dennison Bertram

Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian artist, entrepreneur, and social media mogul, embodies the true essence of how passion and dedication can propel one’s success. After a flourishing career in the business world, he took a remarkable turn in his late forties, embarking on a DJ career and gaining immense popularity as a social media influencer.

Amidst his jet-set lifestyle and sharing extravagant glimpses of his life, Vacchi has consistently released music that has garnered critical acclaim from DJs and dance enthusiasts alike.

His signature style fuses warm Latin influences with robust, deep, and tech house grooves, evident in his debut single, “Viento” (2017), and his recent collaboration with Alterboy and Thorn, “Cucaracha.”

Gianluca Vacchi©Dennison Bertram

Alongside his dance hits, Vacchi has also produced a string of pop sensations, including the mega-hit “LOVE” (2018) with Colombian star Sebastian Yatra and the beloved track “Para” (2020) featuring Caribbean singer Ir Sais—each accumulating tens of millions of streams.

Enjoy “Sombrerito Blanco” below

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