Rosalia, primavera sound 2023©Primavera Sound
Queen of Primavera

Rosalía conquers Primavera Sound 2023, professes her love for Barcelona

After her performance at one of Europe’s top music festivals, the Catalan singer took to Instagram to declare her love for her hometown.

Primavera Sound kicked off its 2023 Barcelona edition this past week at Parc del Fòrum, recapturing the pre-pandemic atmosphere with an average of around 65,000 music fans on each of the main festival days. According to the organizers, they closed this twenty-first edition of the Barcelona festival with 253,000 attendees.

This year, the festival delivered an exceptional lineup, offering a diverse range of high-quality performances. Legendary acts such as Depeche Mode, Blur, and Kendrick Lamar graced the stage, alongside the Spanish sensation Rosalía, who left an indelible mark on the festival with her electrifying performance. Rosalía not only showcased her immense talent but also demonstrated her love for her hometown, forging a genuine and warm connection with her fans.


Anticipation filled the air as an impressive crowd eagerly awaited Rosalía’s appearance on stage. Despite the late hour, fans patiently persevered until 2:00 a.m., following Calvin Harris, just to witness her unforgettable show on the Estrella Damm stage, named after the stage’s sponsor.

Several spanish media outlets reported that in between songs, she openly expressed her sincere emotions about being home and performing at Primavera Sound. She recalled having been an spectator, watching Grace Jones on the same stage not long ago. She also spoke passionately in Catalan and reminisced about what her “avi Jaume” (grandfather) used to tell her, which stuck with her: “how sad the life of an artist is.” She said she didn’t believe it, but that the phrase had some truth to it. Sharing how an artist’s life can be hard because she is constantly away from the streets she loves and the people she loves, and that for that very reason, performing in Barcelona was an amazing experience for her.

Rosalia, primavera sound 2023©Primavera Sound
Rosalia performed her most popular hits during Primavera Sound 2023

The concert’s highlights included many of the top hits that have made Rosalía a star.  She performed her iconic track, “Saoko,” payed tribute to bachata with “La fama” and “De aquí no sales.”  Additionally, She sang “Despechá,” and ended the concert with a grand finale combining “Malamente,” “Chicken teriyaki,” and a heartfelt “CUUUuuuuute.”

While the Barcelona star delievered a mesmerizing performance, a minor sound glitch momentarily interrupted an emotional moment as she sang her ballad “Hentai”. However, Rosalía’s reaction showcased her true character and empathy for her fans. Pausing the performance, she expressed genuine concern and personally approached the sound tech, requesting that the volume be raised. Her action displayed a kind and humane gesture, leaving a lasting impression on all her fans that came to witness her play in her home city.

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