Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway/ Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus©Courtesy of Apple and HBO
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What to watch: 7 movies & shows to watch this week - Nov 4

From HBO’s “The White Lotus” to Apple TV’s “Causeway”

There’s a lot of stuff to stream nowadays. In hopes of helping you watch more good movies and TV, we sum up some of the most exciting titles streaming across all platforms every week. Today we recommend a mix of new releases and newly available titles, from movies and shows, all available to stream on the most popular platforms.

The White Lotus (HBO)

“The White Lotus” is back with a second season. The anthology series following the guests and employees of a luxury line of hotels appears to be a unending pool of intriguing ideas that explore society and privilege, filled with moments that make you want to travel and be wealthy while also cringing a bit. Season 2 is set in a stunning-looking Sicily and is focused on sex and gender dynamics, which is refreshing and very HBO.

Causeway (Apple TV)

Jennifer Lawrence is back in “Causeway,” a film exploring the friendship that blossoms between Lynsey (Lawrence) and James (the great Bryan Tyree Henry), two wounded people that need eachother. Lynsey is an army vet who’s recuperating from a physical and emotional loss, skills that Lawrence has honed in over her career. Aside from the material itself, it’s simply great to have her back onscreen.

Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix)

Millie Bobby Brown stars in “Enola Holmes 2” the sequel to the fun and rompy original. This time, Enola (Brown) is working on her first case as a detective, uncovering the mystery of a missing girl. It co-stars a great cast of seasoned Brits, among them, Henry Cavill, David Thewlis, Helena Bonham Carter, and more.

See How They Run (HBO Max)

Starring Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, and more, “See How They Run” is a classic 1950’s British murder mystery. It follows two detectives – one very serious (Rockwell) and one very eager (Ronan) – investigating the murder of a crew member of a London play.

Crimes of the Future (Hulu)

David Cronenberg’s new film brings him back to his body horror roots. Starring Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, and Lea Seydoux, the story is set in a distant future where humans are evolving, transforming and mutating. In comes a performance artist (Mortensen), who showcases his shifting and changing organs for interested lookers.

Don’t Worry Darling (HBO Max)

Mostly known for its backstage drama involving lead actors Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, and the film’s director, Olivia Wilde, “Don’t Worry Darling” is now available on HBO Max. The film is set in Victoria, a community that seems apart from time, where men go off to work and women stay home. Everything is, of course, not as it seems.

Sean eternos: Campeones de America (Netflix)

Lastly, as we gear up for this year’s FIFA World Cup, Netflix released “Sean eternos: Campeones de America,” a documentary that explores Argentina’s historic Copa America win and Lionel Messi’s run with his national team.