"Euphoria" Season 2 Photo Call

New Music Friday: the biggest releases from Zendaya, Camila Cabello, and more

Every Friday, we highlight the newest and most exciting releases from artists across all genres. This week, we got a ton of new music from artists we hear from all the time, along with those we’ve been waiting for new music from inclucing Dominic Fike, Ed Sheeran, Pusha T, and more.

Check out some of the most highly-anticipated drops down below:

1. Dominic Fike and Zendaya - “Elliot’s Song”

Following the highly-anticipated finale of Euphoria’s second season, two of the show’s stars--Zendaya and Dominic Fike--have released the song from the final episode: “Elliot’s Song.”

Unlike the show’s song, which just featured Fike’s character Elliot singing, the latest version features Zendaya on vocals. She wrote the song alongside Euphoria composer Labrinth.

2. Camila Cabello feat. Ed Sheeran - “Bam Bam”

Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran have come together for “Bam Bam,” her first release since the end of her high profile relationship with Shawn Mendes.

“I wanted to make a song that had English words, but gives me that same feeling that a lot of these Latin songs give us,” Cabello told Apple Music about the song. “And so basically, we had this version of the song. And then by the time that Ed [Sheeran] had heard it and been on board to do it, I was in a different place in my life.”

She continued, “I’d come out of this long relationship. And also, Ed was like, “Okay, I love it but I want to change the chords on the verse.” And so he had a morning... Ed is the busiest fricking guy in the world. I don’t know how he does it, but he had a morning off. And so me, him, Ricky, and Scott Harris went in the room and we all wrote my verse, and his verse, recorded it, and finished the song.”

3. GRUPO DIEZ 4TRO ft Banda La Peligrosa - “La Muerte Me Llama”

GRUPO DIEZ 4TRO has treated fans to a new rendition of their song “a Muerte Me Llama” alongside Banda La Peligrosa. The single talks about the group not backing away from any problem they come across, with lyrics that state, “El miedo por aquí no existe, andamos todos siempre firmes, Con las armas siempre bien listas, que la muerte nunca te avisa” the boys show that they are willing to risk it all.

The original version of “La Muerte Me Llama” is off of their first EP, Paranormal. Since its release back in October 2021, the project has already amassed over 43 million streams on just Spotify alone.

4. Río Roma, Carin Leon - Tú Me Gustas

Río Roma just released their latest single, “Tú Me Gustas” this week from their forthcoming EP, 6 Canciones y 1 Tequila. It features one of todays most powerful voices in the Regional Mexican genre, Carin León.

5. RESIDENTE - BZRP Music Sessions #49

6. Pusha T, Nigo - Hear Me Clearly

7. De La Ghetto - “Loco Por Perrearte”

8. Leiva, Catalina García - “Llegará”

9. Pedro Capó, Farruko - “Gracias (Remix)”

10. Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Wayne - “Ay!”

11. Pitizion - “Perro Es Perro”

12. Morray feat Cordae - “Still Here”

13. Juice WRLD - “Cigarettes”

14. Carmen De Leon - “Besame Bonito”

15. Paopao, La Gabi, Villano Antillano, ARIA VEGA, Cami Da Baby - “Roce”